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911 calls from Lockette suggest woman wouldn’t leave Kaepernick’s room

From our partner, the Sacramento Bee:

By Matthew

Published: Tuesday, May. 6, 2014 - 5:02 pm

SANTA CLARA -- The woman who sparked a police investigation in Miami involving 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and two other NFL players referred to herself as “Jesus” and wouldn’t leave Kaepernick’s hotel room, according to two 911 calls released Tuesday by Miami police.

The calls were made after midnight April 2. One came from hotel security at the upscale Viceroy Hotel, where Kaepernick, teammate Quinton Patton and friend Ricardo Lockette were staying. The other was from an unidentified man believed to be Lockette, a Seattle Seahawks wide receiver. Police previously said their records showed Lockette made two 911 calls complaining of a woman who would not leave their hotel suite.

Both callers said the woman was naked and inside a bedroom. The first caller, who identifies himself as being from hotel security, told the 911 operator, “She said her name was Jesus, and she don’t have no clothes on.” He said the woman was screaming and crying.

Names and phone numbers in the recording were redacted, and the two calls lasted a little more than three minutes.

The caller believed to be Lockette said in a calm voice that “there’s a young lady in my friend’s bed” and she refused to leave until he returned. Asked if the woman was the friend’s boyfriend, the caller said, “No, no, no. He’s not her boyfriend. He’s just someone she wants to sleep with. ... She says she’s going to stay there until he gets back.”

Miami police don’t believe Kaepernick was present when the calls were made. A source with knowledge of the incident said Kaepernick was at the hotel suite when the unidentified woman, 25, arrived earlier in the evening but left shortly thereafter when she began acting oddly.

None of the players involved has spoken about the case because it is an ongoing investigation, and an attorney representing the players met with investigators last month.

Police said they are waiting for the Viceroy to turn over additional surveillance tape to see if they can determine whether Kaepernick had been in the suite earlier with the two other players and, if so, what time he left.

On April 3, the woman went to police headquarters and filed a report saying she had blacked out while naked in the hotel room. She told police she mixed drinks for herself and the three men and they coaxed her into smoking marijuana before she passed out.

In the incident report, the woman said she had a past sexual relationship with Kaepernick. After she got undressed, she told police, Kaepernick left the bedroom. She said they did not have sex. The woman said that at some point Lockette and Patton peeked into the room, and she told police she yelled at them to leave. The report said the woman had no recollection of anything else that happened that night until waking up in the hospital several hours later.

Kaepernick lashed out via Twitter at TMZ, the entertainment and gossip website that first reported the incident, saying he did nothing wrong. On April 25, he received strong backing from 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, who said he’s heard Kaepernick’s side of the story and he expects a positive resolution for the quarterback.

“The only victim in Colin’s case is Colin’s reputation,” Harbaugh said.

No charges have been filed and the players have not been interviewed by police. The case is being investigated by the department’s Special Victims Unit, which looks into sex crimes.

Miami Fire Rescue Lt. Ignatius Carroll has said police called paramedics to the Viceroy at 12:32 a.m. April 2 and transported a 25-year-old woman to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Records showthe Miami police’s Crisis Intervention Team also was summoned to the hotel.

The unit’s website says the Crisis Intervention Team “is an effective police response program designed for first responders who handle crisis calls involving people with mental illness including those with co-occurring substance use disorders.”

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