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Schneider: 'We saw value in the trade'

Here's a transcript of our brief meeting with John Schneider Thursday night:

Did it unfold as you expected it with a QB there at the end of the first round? “That’s exactly what we were hoping for. We were talking to an number of teams down there at the end, and Minnesota stayed with it so we did it with them.”

How tempted were you to take a player there at No. 32? “There were some good players there. But we had the opportunity to grab another pick, another fourth-round pick. We saw value in the trade and just excited to pick tomorrow. Now you just have to see how tomorrow goes.”

Did you have a pool of players still at 40? “Oh yeah.”

Seemed like other teams in early the second round that needed QBs. Big market for that pick? “I think we talked to five or six teams.”

Familiarity with Minnesota from previous trades. Does that help? “It definitely helps. We have a great relationship with those guys, Rick and George. Matt Thomas used to work with those guys, and we’ve done several trades with them. That definitely helps. There’s just a lot going on. It just worked out perfect right there at the end because they were just adamant about picking their guy.”

Philosophy on having players left in your pool at 40? Do you still have some on your board you think will be there? “We have a number of players that are suitable for that pick at 32 that we feel would be suitable at 40 as well. There are several guys we hope will be there tomorrow, but if somebody comes tomorrow with something we can’t turn down then we’ll look at that as well.”

Likely scenario for you guys today? “I was hoping so. Just the way our second and third rounds looked, I think you saw all those players at the top that everybody is talking about all the time. We saw all those players leave and just kind of watched them all go. But we had a couple players that were interested in.”

On the feeling of picking last in the first round: “It was awesome, it really was. Like I told everybody in the room before we started, there is a reason this is going to be hard tonight but it’s great. We accomplished a lot this last year and hope to be picking late every year.’’

Thoughts on what the teams in the NFC West did: “Yeah, I thought they all did a great job. You look at St. Louis, and I mean their nickel package now is going to be ridiculous. Got a road grader at tackle, they just did a great job. Arizona, I mean they all did a great job. I told Steve Keim to pick a punter but he didn’t do it.’’

On if they paid attention to the Manziel drama: “We listen to music in there so we don’t have the TV on but when he got picked we turned it up to see what the fans were doing and everything. He’s an exciting guy. It will be interesting to see how it works out. I know they were really excited, talked to those guys right afterward and they were pumped he was there.’’

On if their draft board is changed now based on anything that happened tonight: “No, it hasn’t changed.’