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Seahawks take OLB Kevin Pierre-Louis in fourth round

With their final pick of the fourth round, the Seahawks selected outside linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis with the 132nd overall pick.

Pierre-Louis is 6 feet tall and 232 pounds. He ran a 4.51 40-yard dash at the combine, the fastest time of any linebacker there.

His size and speed makes him similar to Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith, who is 6 feet, 226 pounds.

That gives Pierre-Louis some versatility as a "tweener." He has a bit of a safety build, but, again, he is similar to Smith in size and speed.

Seattle's Northeast area scout, Todd Brunner, said Pierre-Louis reminds him of a linebacker he scouted when working for the San Francisco 49ers. That linebacker? NaVorro Bowman.

Pierre-Louis racked up 360 tackles during his four years at Boston College, during which he started all 44 games in which he played. He played on the weakside his first three seasons, then switched to strongside when new coach Steve Addazio and defensive coordinator Dan Brown took over in 2013. He also mentioned learning a lot of coverage responsibilities, essentially playing what he called an in-the-box safety position against tight ends and slot receivers.

The change provided more opportunity to Pierre-Louis to rush the passer, as he finished the 2013 season with six sacks after recording only two during his first three seasons. He also recorded 108 tackles and 10.5 tackles for loss as a senior and ranked among the ACC's top-10 tacklers in each of his four seasons at Boston College.

Pierre-Louis said he was a three-year captain of his high school's lacrosse team, actually attaining the captain label in that sport before he did in football.

Seahawks' scout Todd Brunner on Pierre-Louis:

(On his athletic “limitations”….)   (laughs)  Yeah, that was a big concern coming in to the draft.  No, this kid is unbelievable.  I just talked to him on the phone.  He’s my favorite kid in this whole draft.  Regardless of the grade I gave the guy, he is my favorite player in this whole draft, just to watch.  He plays with energy, the guy is all over the field.  Very instinctive football player, he’s just fun to watch play football.

(On whether he will play Sam or Will…)  He can fit anywhere.  He has ability to play.  The coaches will decide what they want to do with him.  Athletically, he can play anywhere.  You just find a spot, and he’ll play.

(On whether he compares to Malcolm Smith…)  Yes, I guess he would be.  I didn’t scout Malcolm coming out; my exposure to him has been when he’s been here.  There was a guy when I was down in San Fran, that he reminds me of, that we took.  That would be Navarro.

(On what separates a top 10 linebacker, like Khalil Mack, versus a fourth round pick, when they are physically similar…)  It depends on what you want.  Mack is a little bit bigger than he is.  I think he had to do with his size.  He played the season at 220-224 this year.  He’s put on some weight from the beginning of the season to the end of the season to the Combine.  I think that’s what separated him. When you watched him play, you were looking at a guy that you thought, he was 224 pounds, now he is 236. If you’ve seen his picture, he’s a solid 236.

(On whether he was scouted as a linebacker or safety…)  I scout him as a football player.  The way he played, I scout him as a football player.  With the staff that we have here, I know that once you get a good football player, they’ll find a way to put him on the field.

(On whether he has the skills to be a safety some day…)  I saw the athletic ability, yes.  In my mind, I was looking at him as a linebacker, but like I said, Pete and his staff and Dan Quinn, if they see something else, they can move him.  I just wanted to make sure they saw the football player.

(On whether his versatility make him more appealing…)  It definitely does.  You see the guy, he can play Sam, he can play Will, he can play out in space, he can play off the end of the line of scrimmage.  He’s definitely an appealing guy.  There’s a guy that can do everything.  Just bring him in here and let these guys find out what he does best.

(On what he learned about his personality…)  He’s a great kid.  He’s unbelievable to sit down with and talk to.  Very humble, very business like. If you saw him at the Combine, he came in to all of the interviews, he had a tie on.  He had a nice sweater on.  He was very professional.  There, you don’t have to. You see a lot of guys walking around in shorts and tee-shirts.  He was very, very professional. You talk to him and he’s a genuine kid.  He’s not putting on a show.  That’s the type of kid he is.

(On making an impact on special teams…)  He played a little bit there, because he was a starter.  Once they get to their senior year and they’re starting, they’re not going to put these guys out on special teams.  But with his athletic ability and the way he runs instinctively.  He runs around, he’ll find the football.  He’ll definitely be an impact on special teams here.