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Seahawks take fullback Kiero Small with their final draft pick

The Seahawks used pick No. 229 to draft Arkansas fullback Kiero Small in the seventh round.

Get this: Small is 5-foot-8 (he insists he's 5-8 1/2) and 247 pounds. That's a stout dude.

Small said he broke 26 of his facemasks during his time playing football.

"From hitting, hitting and hitting ," Small said.

Small said his cousin predicted he would end up with the Seahawks.

"I play a tough brand of football and the Seahawks play a tough brand of football," Small said.

At one point, Small worked in his family's T-shirt shop in downtown Baltimore. He eventually went to a junior college, then Arkansas and now as drafted by the Super Bowl champions.

"Humbling and blessed," Small said of his journey. "It was a journey -- a lot of guys might not have sticked it out. Once I set my mind to it and knew where I wanted to be, I put everything into it. It was a humbling experience going from being a top guy in Baltimore city in football and then working and selling T-shirts."

Small's facemask-smashing ways have him excited thinking about blocking for Marshawn Lynch.

"I'm hard-nosed," Small said. "He plays tough. When a guy's going to tackle him, he's going to make him pay."