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And the mock draft winner is ...

It looked like one would be enough this year in the Seahawks Insider mock draft contest.

As Seattle plucked players of various name recognition, most entrants fell by the wayside in the mock draft contest, including me.

But, it turns out we had three folks with two correct picks.

So, to this year's know-it-alls:

The tri-winners are STTBM, SeahawkNJ and Paulsj.

STTBM hit on Paul Richardson and Eric Pinkins. SeahawkNJ had Kevin Norwood and Justin Britt. Paulsj tagged Kevin Pierre-Louis and Norwood.

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There were also a handful of folks with one correct:

MacabrevityPaul Richardson

Sac_94Kevin Pierre-Louis

SarcasticusKevin Norwood

Chadworth64Kevin Pierre-Louis

SchledeKevin Pierre-Louis

TruBluKevin Norwood

Then, there was wazzulander:

"The dude from SD st. who God told would be a Seahawk…" They did end up with a dude from San Diego State, so half credit there.

If I missed one of you, please let me know.