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Audio: John Schneider on 710 ESPN

John Schneider did some radio today. Nothing revelatory, but went over the draft again.

-- Schneider said the core concern when looking at draft picks is if they could handle the competitive environment that exists in the Seahawks' lockerroom. "You're coming into an atmosphere where you're going to have to push right away," Schneider said.

-- Schneider again said that they were not happy to see Curtis Conway on the NFL Network touting Paul Richardson, then they saw Philadelphia move up.  That gave them nervous that Richardson would not be around for them, but Richardson ended up available.

-- Schneider also again said they were worried about a run on OTs, so they took Justin Britt.

-- Schneider called Richardson a combination of DeSean Jackson, Doug Baldwin and Donald Driver.

-- When asked how things have changed with the draft during his time associated with it, Schneider mentioned Keith Price tweeting that he had signed with the Seahawks before the team announced it. That happened right while Schneider and Pete Carroll were meeting with the media. I asked Schneider about it during that press conference and his initial response was, "Where did you hear that we signed Keith Price?"

-- Schneider said he likes the speed and versatility of his draft class.