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White House visit reportedly next Wednesday

Several local news sources are reporting that the Seattle Seahawks are scheduled to visit President Obama at the White House next Wednesday afternoon as part of the traditional off-season ceremony with the reigning Super Bowl champion. The White House had not officially released that information as of mid-afternoon, and the team was respecting the news embargo until the release.

Of more immediate interest, while stepping in for the recuperating Todd Dybas, tomorrow I’ll write a column previewing the rookie camp that gets under way Friday and runs for three days. It’s a terrific chance to get a look at these guys on the hoof.

Eager to see (and report) just how skinny Paul Richardson is (175 pounds), how huge Justin Britt is (6-6, 325), how fast linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis is (4.51, fastest at combine), and just what in the world Kiero Small looks like, at 5-8, 247 pounds.

Yes, these workouts include dozens of guys who will never come close to putting on an NFL jersey. But you can certainly get a good look at the ones who will. For instance, two springs ago, I watched every pass Russell Wilson threw over the weekend.

Here’s the report I filed after the camp on Wilson's performance:The ball leaves his hand in a hurry and gets to where it needs to be quickly. Of some 500 plays over the weekend, the Seahawks only had to re-rack the offense one time to get the right play processed. So he has a surprising command of the huddle already. He completed balls deep and wide, and as impressive, he has the touch and accuracy to find flaring backs in perfect stride. He had a few balls tipped at the line on Friday, but fewer as the weekend progressed. Questions of durability and adaptation and performance against big-time defenders remain, but coach Pete Carroll said he’s already shown enough to be tossed into competition for the starting job. That is a significant accomplishment in just three practices in shorts – for a quarterback of any size."