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Quoting WR Kevin Norwood after Day 2 of Seahawks rookie mini-camp

Here's most of what WR Kevin Norwood had to say after what turned out to be a pretty busy day for him at Seahawks rookie mini-camp ...

(On his practice today…) “Well it was busy. Everybody is just out here trying to get better, including me. It was a long one, it was just four receivers out there, but at the same time it was good for us because we got more work, and we got a lot of reps and it allows us to come out and stay focus on what we have to do to get better.”

(On how much have they thrown at him the last couple of days…) “They’ve been throwing at me a lot, they’re trying to make sure that I have some good hands. It’s all in the offense, just wherever I’m at, the quarterback gets it to me and I have to do my job to catch it.”

(On if what they’re asking him to do is pretty similar to what he did at Alabama…) “Yeah definitely. Like I said they’re just lining me up and putting me in my comfort zone and just allowing me to go out there and make plays. Hopefully whenever the season comes they just put me in that same spot to make more plays.”

(On where does him being referred to as clutch come from…) “That comes from hard work and preparation day in and day out. I focus on what I have to do to make the team better. I just go in and pay attention to details and do the little things right which makes me a better player if I look into all of the little things, all of the little small details. Make sure I get lined up right, be where I’m supposed to be for the quarterback and stuff like that, that’s pretty much where that came from.”

(On with him playing in so many big games does it make his transition a little easier…) “It’s definitely easy. I know what it takes to win, and I know it takes a lot of hard work and dedication of course. I know that is what this team has right here, they have a lot of heart, and it’s good for me to be apart of it and help them when another Super Bowl.”

(On if the way meetings and practice are structured here similar to how they were at Alabama…) “Definitely. Coach Saban runs a pro-style offense and a pro style program. He does everything he can to make sure we have everything that we need and he makes sure everything is built on the next level so we could transition more easier.”

(On how has the process of gelling with the quarterbacks in camp gone…) “It is what it is. We know that we’re going to be here for a minute. We have plenty of time to get better and get that timing down. It’s all about that connection like today, it was really good today. Day after day we’re getting better.”

(On his experiences with Russell Wilson…) “Just meeting everybody is really nice. I’m here with the Super Bowl champs, of course it’s nice. All of these guys are very humble, and they’re still hungry which makes me want to get on the field with them to help them win another one.”

(On Paul Richardson…) “Great dude, great dude, I’m room mating with him and he’s a really great dude. He’s very humble, quiet, but he’s very funny, at the same time he comes out here and works, we study together and stuff like that. He’s just a really good dude. He wants to come out and do his best and work hard too.”

(On his skills with improvising when the play breaks down…) “Definitely. We all know that not all of the players are going to work so it’s our job to improvise and to switch it up and get open for the quarterbacks so we can make some plays down field. That’s what I did at Alabama so hopefully I can do it here too.”

(On how does it feel to get all of the reps that he got today…) “It is what it is. I had my time at Alabama, I had a lot of balls at practice and stuff like that. It’s just all about preparation and just coming out here, getting open and doing my job.”