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Kiero Small: 'I figure if I work hard and get a shot, it’s on me after that'

Some thoughts from rookie fullback Kiero Small. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said Small -- 5-8 1/2, 250 pounds -- is a "legit fullback" who could be a factor on special teams. Carroll also said Small is capable of catching passes. With Derrick Coleman and Spencer Ware already in the mix, Small would have to beat one of them out to earn a fullback spot.

(On how has this experience been for him…)

(On if he has received any special advice from Coach Bielema…) “Coach B just told me to come out here and work hard and be good on special teams and on the offensive side of the ball just do what I’m good at; catching the ball, blocking, and being able to run the ball when my number is called. We really emphasized special teams. That’s what I trained on a lot after pro day.”

(On if he always has had strong hands…) “Yeah I played running back my whole life so I was always an option out of the back field. Catching the ball comes pretty natural to me so I just try to focus on making sure I don’t get lazy with it. Sometimes when you think you’re going to catch it, you drop the easy ones.”

(On if there was ever a point where he thought football was over for him…) “Yeah. When I left junior college and I was back home working in the tee shirt shop I pretty much thought football was over for me. One day I just woke up and said this isn’t where I want my life to go, got back in school, and I thank god that I got back to play football. I was selling tee shirts every day, waking up catching the bus to work every day. Practicing out here on the lake is a big difference from that.”

(On what it means to put the Seahawks jersey on…) “It means everything. When I got drafted, it was a dream that I had since I was a kid, and then to come and get drafted to a team that I really rooted for through the whole playoffs. I just love the way the Seahawks play football. It’s a physical brand of ball and things of that sort so it was pretty much like a dream come true.”

(On what other schools offered him…) “Arkansas was my only offer. I got offered to Arkansas the last week of the whole recruiting process. I went down there on a visit. I actually didn’t have an offer when I went down there; I got the offer on the visit so it kind of worked out for me.”

(On what position were they looking at him at…) “I played linebacker in junior college, but they wanted me to play fullback. We ran a spread offense, and I went to school out in California so it was spread everywhere so I only played fullback down on the goalline. That was a handful of times a year, but they recruited me as a fullback.”

(On how many facemask has he had replaced…) “It’s 26, but that was through my whole three years there. just running there and putting my face on people and playing a physical brand of ball.”

(On what has he learned these past three days…) “I think what I learned is that it’s a lot about the details. With this brand of ball everybody is fast, everybody is strong, everybody was pretty much the man where they came from so you have to be real detailed in your work and that’s something that I’m really trying to get better at. Another I learned is just the competition. It’s all about competing. That’s one thing the coaches tell you when you first get here, and you really see it out here on the field and you see the older guys that were here out here competing.”

(On how nice was it to end the way it ended today….) “That’s competition at its best. We went down and scored. Well I was on both teams so it pretty much worked out for me. We went down and scored, and then we were going down there trying to score and a guy batted a ball and caused an interception to end a game. That’s competition at its best.”

(On the critics that say he’s too small for his position…) “I heard it. a lot of guys said when I was at home that I wouldn’t get into school, and people said I wouldn’t get to a division one university. So they can say what they want, but I figure if I work hard and get a shot, it’s on me after that.”