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Carroll on Price: 'It looks like he can help us'

A couple of the rookie mini-camp highlights for Pete Carroll: Cassius Marsh and Keith Price. Marsh appears to have a clear line to a backup role as a versatile defensive lineman. The question for Price is how he fits. The Seahawks have Russell Wilson, Tarvaris Jackson, Terrelle Pryor and B.J. Daniels at quarterback -- presumably in that order.

Jackson's money is guaranteed, and considering his system experience, it's safe to assume his spot is, as well. Which leaves the other three basically fighting for one spot on the active roster and likely a practice squad position.

(On the camp…) “They had great work. They had a really good camp. The lead was taken by the draft picks, we had really good work by the tackles, Cassius Marsh did a real nice job, the receivers were really on it, it’s really, really exciting to see these guys come out and battle like they did. As we go through this, we have some tough decisions because some of the guys that have come in and were in tryout mode are definitely under some consideration, so we’ll have to figure it all out here in the next couple days, we don’t have any answers for you right now, but it was really cool work. I tried to give a feel for what it’s like to be part of the Seahawks, ad these guys really answered the call and worked really hard for it.”

(On if there was any guys that stood out initially…) “Yeah, yeah there was.”

(On Eric Pinkins…) “Yeah we wanted to make sure that we could see him at both spots, so we could get a little bit of information before we go into the next mode here. It’s really good that he could play in those spots, we’ll see how it’ll work out. I don’t know how it’ll work out right now, but I’m glad we got some information. I haven’t seen the film yet today so I can’t tell you much about it.”

(On Paul Richardson…) “Yeah. He banged his shoulder a little bit, but he’s fine. He’ll be fine. He should be back in a couple of days.”

(On Kevin Pierre-Louis…) “He had a groin thing that was bothering him, but he did a nice job. He had a lot of work the first couple of days of this week and he looks very good. He plays very fast, he’s really a big accelerator, he seems to be a really good learner too so he should fit into the competition really well.”

(On Cassius Marsh…) “First he came in here in great shape, he was really flying the whole time. He never showed any signs at all of wearing down, he’s very active, a very instinctive football player. He moved around to a couple of different spots here to give us some looks. That’s pretty exciting. It’s pretty exciting that he’s so active. The role that we kind of talked about, kind of like Michael Bennett, it looks like that might have a chance. We’ll take a lot of time to figure that out. But he looked very good, by far the most active guy out there.”

(On what does he look for in rookie minicamp when he finally gets his eyes on a guy…) “First off we are a developmental staff. We’re looking at these guys for the long haul and how we can help them, become the best that they can be and we have to figure them out to do that. We’re looking at everything. Every message that they send us is something that we can kind of use to figure what they potentially can become. We’re always looking for that competitiveness, the guys that really battle and come out busting their tail, digging and scratching to get to the ball and all of that. We’re looking for that first. We’ll figure out the talent, but we want to get a sense for their nature. They get out here, and we let them know, but we saw some great signs from these guys.”

(On Keith Price…) “He did really well. It’s like he’s been around longer than he really has. He’s really comfortable, he’s a very natural quarterback, he’s very comfortable in the pocket, he moves really well. he made a lot of big throws and threw the ball down the field really well for us. He did a very good job, and it looks like he can help us.”

(On Garrett Scott…) “Yeah he still hasn’t passed his physical so we’re still working through that.”

(On Garry Gilliam…) “Yeah he played left tackle. He’s an extraordinary athlete. He was a tight end coming up and was moved late in his career at Penn State. He has really good mobility, he has the left tackle type of quickness, he’s over 300 pounds, a big solid well balanced kid, and he did very well. He looked very good at the spot so that’s a real plus for us. we need help there, we need the competition there, and Justin Britt kind of stuck at the right side, Garry stuck in on the left side and both of the guys looked really fitting at their spots.”

(On Justin Britt…) “He picked everything up, he’s very well prepared technique wise, he has real good footwork, his base is real good, his balance is real good for a big man, he moved well off of the line of scrimmage, he won’t have any trouble learning, it’s going to take some time of course, but he won’t any trouble picking stuff up. He’s a real serious, mature kid and I think he would jump right into the competition exactly like we had planned. I think he would be right there with Michael Bowie and they will be battling it out.”

(On the strength and conditioning coaches coaching the scrimmage today…) “Well Mondray Gee and Jamie Yanchar were on the same team, they were co-head coaches. They were competing with Coach Chris Carlisle he was the head coach on the other side. I don’t know if you noticed that the commissioner Matt Thomas set all of the proceedings in motion and did a fine job of overseeing the event. I really thought that it was kind of the ying and the yang with those two guys, Coach Gee and Coach Yanchar. I don’t know which was which, but it was the ying and yang.”

(On if they will contact other teams for the kids that they don’t have room for…) “Yeah that can come up. Not so much that we’ll be selling them, but guys will call and ask about people, and we’ll give a really good heads up for these guys. I thought that Zach Zulli did a really nice job. He’s a really active football player, and he could help a football team. He doesn’t know our system at all, he knew nothing, he never called a play from the huddle in his school so it’s been five years since he’s huddled. He had to do a lot of catching up, but he showed really good playmaking ability. He ran well, he has tremendous accuracy and a real strong arm. So he was really fun to have out here, and it was really cool, his team won the game.”

(On Kiero Small…) “He’s a fullback. He’s a legit fullback, he loves the position, and he has a sense for it and a little chip on his shoulder about it. I’m hoping that he would be a real factor in special teams as well. he’s a tough guy and he can catch the ball really well too, so he showed that. The position is not anything that he can’t handle; he really is well equipped for it with his background.”

(On Jimmy Staten…) “He battled through stuff, he’s kind of in the ranks a little bit, and he needs to get in a little bit better shape. He lost probably ten pounds from the time that he’s got here so obviously he can get in better shape. I think he’s going to do a really good job, he’s going to be a big guy for us, he played well over 300 pounds and I think he can play real tough inside for us on first and second down plays.”

(On Mike Taylor…) “Mike continues do good stuff. this was a really productive guy in college with good numbers and stuff. He’s learning now, he’s been with us a couple of times so he’s ahead of the other guys in making his calls and stuff. He’s around the ball a lot, he’s done a real good job.”

(On Adham Talaat…) “Yeah he worked really hard. Talaat did a really nice job of showing his toughness, and showing his great effort and all of that, no problems at all, everything was very smooth as far as communicating and working through the installation and all of that. He did a very good job.”