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Report: No playoff expansion this season

According to, the owners will not vote on potentially expanding the playoffs during today's league meeting.

It looks like this is being pushed to 2015 as the league works out television and worker issues.

Dallas Cowboys executive VP Stephen Jones told ESPN the topic is tabled until the fall.

A while back, we asked if there can be too much football, as commissioner Roger Goodell continues to tinker with the draft, playoffs and just about anything that will keep the NFL in the news cycle for one second longer than the previous season.

The playoff field is expected to grow from 12 to 14 games, putting 43.8 percent of the league in the playoffs.

Last year, this would have found a place for a deserving 10-6 Arizona Cardinals team in the NFC. The 8-8 Pittsburgh Steelers would have been the third Wild Card team in the AFC.

If the required 24 of 32 NFL owners vote for the expansion, the players' association also must agree to it. The latter doesn't seem an issue since that would mean playoff bonuses for two more full rosters, plus the chance to keep playing. Though, there was some posturing Monday from NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith, who told USA Today a workers' compensation law being proposed in Louisiana could prompt the NFLPA to block playoff expansion.