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Morning Links: White House, another lawsuit and coming up

Good morning.

Kind of a hodgepodge of stuff out there, so we'll round it up.

First, we're in another brief football hiatus. Open OTAs start Tuesday, May 27. Then, three more follow: Monday, June 2, Monday, June 9 and Thursday, June 12. Mandatory minicamp runs from June 17-19.

In case you missed it, we added President Barack Obama's full remarks from yesterday into this post. A couple notable things from yesterday's White House visit by the Seahawks:

First, Malcolm Smith was in a walking boot at the ceremony. Thanks to pez for noting that in the comments. I've reached out to the Seahawks asking why, but have not received as a response as of yet.

Second, Marshawn Lynch appeared to be the only Seahawk not in attendance. Lynch's mother told the Seattle Times, "He just said he didn't want to go." Lynch isn't the first to skip a chance to go on a White House visit. Boston Bruins goalkeeper Tim Thomas did not attend for political reasons in 2012. Michael Jordan chose not to go in 1991, leaving teammate Horace Grant irritated and Jordan defensive. Green Bay Packers tight end Mark Chmura didn't go, nor did Larry Bird one year.


> A lawsuit filed Tuesday led by Richard Dent and Jim McMahon, and tied to more than 600 former players, alleges the NFL pushed drugs on players, essentially giving them pain medication without explaining what side effects could come later in life. This after the league reached a $765 million settlement last year with former players to to end a concussion-related suit.

One of the players in the new suit is former San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Jeremy Newberry. He was on Anderson Cooper 360 last night:

You can read or scan the full complaint below. It goes into details for each case. Newberry says he played every game one season despite being so banged up, he never practiced. The team doctors gave him a shot of Toradol and off he went. Now, he has severe kidney problems.

There is a Seattle reference in Dent's portion of the suit:

In 1990 while playing in Seattle, Mr. Dent suffered a broken bone in his foot. He was told by team doctors and trainers at the time that he had done all the damage that could be done to that foot and that, while he therefore could have surgery, they could also supply him with painkillers to allow him to continue playing. Trusting that the doctors and trainers had his best interests at heart, he chose to continue playing and for the following eight weeks, he received repeated injections of painkillers as well as pills to keep playing. Today, Mr. Dent has permanent nerve damage in that foot.

> San Francisco linebacker Aldon Smith took a plea on gun and DUI charges.

> A cool post at Football Outsiders on "snap-weighted age" of NFL rosters. Interesting how the NFC West shakes out: St. Louis is the youngest (32nd), the Seahawks are 30th, and the Cardinals and 49ers 1-2 as the oldest teams in the league. Lots of interesting extra notes on the Seahawks and their roster age in there, so check it out.

> An interesting story from MMQB on artificial turf.