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Post-draft depth chart: Fullbacks

The fullback is dying.

According to Football Outsiders, teams came out with three or more wide receivers on 58.8 percent of plays last season.

Even for the run-first Seahawks, fullback usage is limited. It also appears to have little correlation to Marshawn Lynch's success or failure running the ball.

With Lynch spokesman Michael Robinson likely to retire, the Seahawks wil look at a trio of replacements.

StarterDerrick ColemanHis hamstring injury against Arizona cost him four games and opened up the chance for Robinson to return. Coleman finished the season with two carries for three yards. He was much more effective as a receiver, making eight catches for 62 yards and a touchdown (one of the flukiest touchdowns you'll see. It banged off Kellen Davis' hands, also known as his facemask). Coleman also became a star in the deaf community -- and quite a bit outside of it -- during the Seahawks' Super Bowl run. Coleman has been legally deaf since he was 3 years old.

BackupKiero SmallThe seventh-round draft pick is likely to find his way onto the team as a specific situation fullback and special teams players. At 5-foot-8 1/2 and 250 pounds, Small's frame is different than any other one on the roster.

On the outsideSpencer WareWare is back after playing in just the first two games of last season before being moved to injured reserve because of an ankle injury. He was also arrested in Seattle in January for DUI. He doesn't have the rounded game of Coleman or uniqueness of Small, which could make him the odd man out.