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Carroll on Carpenter, punt returners and five QBs

Here's what Pete Carroll had to say Tuesday:


(On how intense can OTAs actually be…) “I thought it was great. We’re demonstrating how you can practice at this kind of tempo and totally take care of one another. The whole thing is about cooperating. The offensive line and defensive line went today and nobody was on the ground all day long today. The receivers and defensive backs took care of each other, they know that there are some plays that they won’t be able to contest, but we’re working to give the other side a good look. To do that you have to cooperate so we’re trying to do this really, really well, and I thought it was a great look for the first time out.”

(On the competitiveness of practice today…) “Always. That’s how this place is, which I was thrilled to see that we were right back on track. We kept score all day long today, and our offense had a little bit better day, but defense had a couple of big plays there too so it kind of balanced out.”

(On starting over…) “Well hopefully we’ve done it and we’ll continue to be challenged to do a really good job on dealing with what’s next. Whether that is this day today, this OTA getting this thing started. We’ve taken each phase as seriously as we can to make sure that we max what’s available in phase one, phase two and now this starts phase three. What’s happened before is obviously significant, but it doesn’t mean anything unless we go out and keep working. We just do this one day at a time, and we did exactly that today and so that’s a good indication that they guys are on board with what we’re talking about and how we want to go about it. This takes discipline, and commitment to doing it the right way, and so far everything is going fine. We have a long ways to go.”

(On how has his past experiences as a defending champion inform on what he’s about to do now…) “Well I feel very comfortable with the way that we have to look at this; the language that we’re using and the perspective that we hold is the same in that regard. I think it was that same perspective and language that helped us continue to win sometimes too. So I’m hoping that this going to come to light for us and we’ll see it. That’s our whole objective to see how good we can get and we’ll see how far that takes us. So we’re doing like we’ve done before.”

(On James Carpenter…) “He’s had a fantastic offseason, he’s down about 15 pounds, he’s had a great start to the offseason, he’s been focus, he’s in it, and he’s moving like crazy. He doesn’t look like the same guy physically. He’s looked the best he’s ever looked by far right now and with a long ways to go. So we’re really fired up about James and he’s excited about it too. He feels great, he’s the smartest he’s been, he understands the most, and he feels the best. That’s all great stuff for us.”

(On characterizing James Carpenter’s time with the Seahawks…) “He was banged up a lot, he had problems. He had a problem with his knee; he had a really serious knee injury. That just kept him from finding his balance. The fact that he played guard and tackle, we bring guys in here to play, and we don’t really know where they’re going to wind up. You can hold that against us if you want, but I think you see all of our guys move around. So he shows good flexibility, he has good background now; he’s overcome the big challenges. Now it’s really looking like an upside from this point forward.”

(On Percy Harvin…) ‘It’s great to have Percy out here practicing with us. The days were so few in preparations for the games that he played in even, to have him throughout all these weeks and he’s working and he’s fitting and he understands the chemistry and communication, he just has tremendous direction to go now. He looks fantastic and he’s working on returning punts and kickoffs so we’re excited about all of that.”

(On the rookies…) “They were thrown right in there today where they could fit and they seemed to handle it well. We kind of challenged them. They would be the furthest along, the furthest from understanding this tempo and how to do it and how to cooperate and take care of one another. In the rookie minicamp the guys were bumping into each other and falling over each other. Here it was very clean today. Nobody got a lot of reps today, so nobody got overworked. We’ll see in the next couple of days if they’re taking to it. So far they looked good.”

(On having five quarterbacks…) “I don’t remember having five no, I don’t remember. They’re all good and they can play and do good stuff. We’ll just have to work to figure out what we can. Tarvaris Jackson has some situation, he’ll be back tomorrow, but he’s had some family stuff that he’s been working with. With Keith Price being banged up, he has a little groin thing going here so it’s working out okay right now, we’ll see how it works out going further.”

(On Terrelle Pryor…) “He’s been exactly on the mark. He’s studied like crazy, he’s taking great pride in being able to transition to a new team, his communication is on it, his attitude is good, his physical stuff is there, he’s a big thrower, we know he can run, but we haven’t seen him run very much because you don’t get that until live situations, but he’s done an excellent job so far. He’s well along and he’s right in the middle of it already. That’s tremendous to be that far along already.”

(On Percy Harvin’s hip…) “He’s fine.”

(On Cassius Marsh and Andru Pulu…) “Yeah it’s really a tough deal for those guys in terms of competing. Neither one of them are enrolled in school, but they can’t be here anyway. Everybody has their own situation, but that’s just the rules that we live with.”

(On Doug Baldwin…) “Doug has been a tremendous player. When you go back and look at the last few years, and you look at the significant plays that have happened, he’s been a part in a lot of big stuff. he continues to always be at the front in making things happen, and he did it again today. He had a great day today. He’s just such a great worker and such a discipline competitor that he brings it every chance he gets and it shows.”

(On how important are these next 10 or 12 OTAs in working on increasing the defensive line’s rotation…) “Well it is. We won’t really determine anything at this point because it’s too early with where our guys stand, but we’re taking in information and trying to see where guys fit. We’re wide open to the rotations and who’s going to play and who’s going to start and all of that kind of stuff at this point. I’m excited for Tony McDaniel to come back with us again. He had a very good year for us in doing the stuff that we wanted him to do. To get him resigned and get him back here I think he comes in here trying to own that three technique spot. That’s what he came here to do. I was really proud that he was able to accomplish that, but guys are nipping at his heels here. Jesse Williams will be back out in the next couples of days and working with Jordan Hill. Those guys are battling for that spot. It’s going to be really competitive and it’s going to take a long time to figure that out, and there’s no rush. We’ll have to get into pads and through the preseason before we really know what’s going on with that.”

(On Jesse Williams …) “Jesse had an accident where he fell and got a laceration that’s just about healed and done with.”

(On the offensive line…) “Yeah it’s the same on both sides really. Everybody is just battling. Russell Okung not being out there gives great opportunity at the left side, really good opportunity for Alvin Bailey. Look how far Alvin and Michael Bowie have come so quickly. They did last year, they were forced to, and that helps us now with them being so much further along with the starts that they had and playing time. Right now they’ll feel those opportunity to take those jobs, which is great. Hopefully they’ll take it as far as they can.”

(On the last Super Bowl team to win a playoff game the following season being the 05 Patriots…) “No I could care less about that stat.”

(On Kam Chancellor…) “Yes. Kam will be back in. he’s working great, he’s way ahead of schedule, but he had a significant hip surgery which takes a long time, but he’ll be back for camp and we have no hesitation in saying that.”

(On the leading candidates for Punt Returner right now…) “If we had to start today Earl Thomas would be the first guy back there, and he’s really excited about that. He’s a guy that has the most catches for us, but I’m anxious to see how Brian Walters fits into that. He’s got experience in his background. Percy Harvin is out there vying for it, Richard Sherman would tell you he’s the best one, and he catches the ball really well. He and Earl would take it right now.

(On Greg Scruggs…) “He’s really determined. He’s worked so hard through this offseason in getting right, he’s ready to go physically to this point, now he’s got to get through this point of leaning on people and pushing and all. He’s done a fantastic job, it’s been a long haul for him, he’s been around us a lot, and I feel really good about him being back out with us. It seems like he’s been a part from this for so long. I think he’s ready to max it out and he’s going to get a great chance to be a big part of it, and our expectation that he would be a factor right there in the rotation.”

(On Tharold Simon…) “He’s cleared to run with us I think tomorrow or Friday. He’s really close. He’s finishing his last rehab element and he should be back out here at least by next week doing some stuff.”

(On Marshawn Lynch…) “I saw him on ESPN today, he looked pretty good.”

(On Christine Michael…) “We have very high expectations for him. He’s going to get a ton of work and he did great in the preseason last year. He’s just a million miles ahead of where he was in terms of understanding what we want scheme wise, pass protection wise, route wise, and we know he’s a natural runner. He’s got explosive talent and we just want to get him fit in. By the end of preseason he should be just a real comfortable part of this football team and we know what to expect of him, and he knows what to expect and he should really go with that. I hoping he would be a big factor.”

(On Sidney Rice…) “He’s doing fine. He won’t be back until camp, but he’s in terrific shape. He was jumping up on the boxes today, he’s doing all kinds of stuff so he’s well ahead of where a guy should be at this time, so that means he’ll definitely have a chance to be back full speed for camp.”