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Earl Thomas: 'I want to score a touchdown'

Here's what Earl Thomas had to say Tuesday:

(On Percy Harvin saying the defense was trying to intimidate him before even getting on the field today…) 

(On what it was like to be back out practicing for the first time since the Super Bowl…)  “It was good – a nice breeze, we’re on the lake, people were out here watching us. I got in a good rhythm; I played fast. I think the biggest thing is just the offense helping us out and us doing the same thing. Giving each other a hard time out there, giving each other great looks. Phase three is just about team. We’re competing against each other but we’re also competing to help each other out.”

(On the prospect of returning punts…)  “I’m very excited. I’ve been waiting on this opportunity. This is what I do – I’m an athlete. I’ve been trying to tell coach Carroll to put me back there for the longest. I always try to go back there during walk-throughs, just to try to sneak a punt return, show them who I am and I want to score a touchdown. So this is perfect opportunity for me to score a touchdown. I’m an offensive guy at heart. That’s why I don’t try to go out of bounds when I catch interceptions.”

(On if he’s returned punts at any point in his football career…)  “Yes, in college. My first time returning I almost scored. I just got tripped up by the punter.”

(On how long he’s been lobbying for the chance to return punts…)  “I want to show everybody who I am and I want to be able to impact the game as much as possible. This is a great opportunity. I just need to capitalize on it.”

(On people saying he’s too valuable to the defense to return punts…)  “I don’t care what they think you know? This is my future. I can help this team and I know I can.”

(On having the new guys out on the practice field with the returning players…)  “It’s always a learning curve. The biggest thing is just try to lead by example. Coach myself and also help them out as much as possible. I don’t know it all. I always tell those guys I don’t know it all. But the biggest thing is just play fast. That’s what film is for. So we’ve got great coaches out here for us – Coach [Kris] Richard, Marquand [Manuel], and Coach [Rocky] Seto – they do a great job – D.Q. (Dan Quinn) – they do a great job of coaching us up on the go and I think that’s the best way to learn. I’m a very visual person and I’m just excited to be back on the grass. This is my escape from all the other stuff that’s going on.”

(On what the coaches’ messaging has been as to how to avoid slipping after a Super Bowl victory…)  “We don’t talk about it. I don’t talk about unnecessary stuff. I was mad at the President for even mentioning the 49ers. I kind of blurted out – I think coach Carroll heard me.”

(On what he blurted out…)  “I said, ‘Why would he speak about the 49ers? This is not about them. This is our day.’”

(On being out on the field without Kam Chancellor while he’s recovering from hip surgery…)  “I miss him. I miss him. It’s never the same. It’s a certain comfort zone. You can’t replace a guy like that. No knocks on anybody that’s trying to come in but that’s my brother and that’s who I’m closest to on the team. We were talking last night in the sauna while the steam was going on, just how much we appreciate each other and how difficult it’s been with him not being there. Because we kind of talk back and forth during meetings and we feed off of each other. We just miss him. I know I miss him probably the most.”

(On how Percy Harvin looked…)  “He looked good. He just needs to learn how to fall. Sometimes he gets going too fast and he doesn’t fall quite right but we need to keep that guy safe.”

(On Terrelle Pryor…)  “I just think he’s a great model for me, as far as practice. He’s a tall guy, I can get a good read on him. When Russell [Wilson] is back there, you can’t really see him because he’s so short and I can’t get good breaks on the ball. But when Terrelle’s back there, I can get great breaks on the ball. He’s a great guy – he’s throwing on target but I can get a great read on him.”

(On Pryor’s QB play…)  “I think he can learn a lot from Russell – eye discipline, looking off, not staring down his targets. Stuff like that.”

(On what the coolest thing of the offseason has been since winning the Super Bowl, besides the White House and parade…)  “You know, I’m a pretty boring person. I just tell the truth about it. But when people call you ‘Champ’ – I like that. When you’re at the barbershop or anywhere you walk and they’re like, ‘What’s up Champ?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, man, that sounds real good. That sounds real good.’ I don’t want to lose it.”