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Morning Links: David Shaw on Doug Baldwin: 'This kid's got it from the inside'

Good morning.

As we touched on yesterday, Pete Carroll left the door open for a return of Red Bryant and Sidney Rice. Of course, Lloyd Christmas was also predicted to have a shot. Bryant may have a higher chance to return than Christmas did to make it happen with the ladies, but it seems unlikely.

We also again heard thoughtful comments from Doug Baldwin on the NFL's consideration of penalizing players for derogatory on-field language, notably using the N-word.

Speaking of Baldwin, I had an extended conversation with Stanford's David Shaw yesterday. Shaw was on the sidelines during pregame of the Super Bowl and received hugs from both Baldwin and Richard Sherman. Defensive tackle Sione Fua, who also went to Stanford, was on Denver's roster. He watched the game from commissioner Roger Goodell's box.

The three Stanford players (and the relationship Shaw has with John Elway) were enough to bring Shaw out to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1994. His father, Willie, was the defensive backs coach with the San Diego Chargers then.

Shaw laughed when I first said the phrase "Angry Doug Baldwin." He explained Baldwin first earned that name at Stanford. Baldwin's first year was also Shaw's first in Palo Alto, when Shaw was the OC/WR coach. The leading returning receiver that year? Sherman.

Here's what Shaw had to say about first meeting Baldwin and what he thinks of his rise from basically not being recruited and undrafted, to Super Bowl champ:

"Here was a guy who was under-sized, under-recruited," Shaw said. "I went to go on a home visit and he was actually going to have both shoulders operated on between the end of high school and the beginning of college. Here's a guy that's going to have double shoulder surgery, who's short ... But, when I went to the home visit, just talking to him, there was a seriousness; there was an intelligence; and there's a, as he called it, that boulder (on his shoulder).

"He's not just out to prove people wrong. He has a belief in his ability to play the game of football. I had seen his film. He had played well. I talked to coach (Jim) Harbaugh as I left the home visit. I said, 'You know what? This kid's got it from the inside.' He's determined. He's got great athleticism and he is going to outwork people around him."

After the Super Bowl, Baldwin and Shaw had another conversation.

"You never let accomplishment extinguish your fire," Shaw said. "He agreed. Great, they won a Super Bowl. He's going to come back and push himself even harder this offseason and become a better player. Every time he meets a challenge, he's going to prevail.

"That's why I love him. I love Doug like family. We refer to each other as family. Because that's maturity and I love maturity and Doug's been that way for the long time."

Last night, Baldwin, a restricted free agent said he signed himself to a large, guaranteed contract in Madden, but hadn't signed any other contracts.

Baldwin said he signed himself to a fully guaranteed contract at a lower rate to be sure he could stay under the cap and keep the rest of his team together.

"No hidden messages," Baldwin said with a smile.


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