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Morning links: Reports that Browner possibly still facing some suspension

Good morning.

A few links out there today:

> USA Today writes that Brandon Browner's reinstatement was likely part of a settlement deal that includes a multiple game suspension at the start of next season.

> ESPN also writes that Browner is expected to be banned next season for a portion of time.

> Richard Sherman recently went back to Stanford where he is being viewed as a role model for its football players.

> An argument that the Seahawks can keep most of the team together thanks to the expanding salary cap.

> SI's mock draft has the Seahawks taking David Yankey in the first round.

> Monday Morning Quarterback writes "buyer beware" when it comes to free agency. Michael Bennett and Golden Tate are mentioned in the story.

> Kickers aren't likely to be thrilled with the idea of moving the line of scrimmage for extra points from the 2-yard line to the 25.

> USA Today writes that Jimmy Graham and the Saints are likely heading for a contract dispute.