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Morning Links: The waiting is the hardest part

Good morning.

There was a fake report about Jared Allen this morning, otherwise, his status remains the same as everyone waits for him to make a decision.

Our Dave Boling was at the Seattle regional combine Saturday. He said it's a place for longshots to get their shot. From Boling:

Tag Ribary, Seahawks director of team operations, explained how NFL personnel staff can benefit from these endeavors.

“It’s an extra look,” he said Saturday at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. “There’s people that maybe have been out of the game a little bit, but they’re still keeping in shape and they’re still eligible to compete at a certain level whether it’s the NFL, CFL, Arena League. And there’s all kinds of body types and skill levels at these things.”

Inside the cold practice facility, the players went through the same tests and measurements conducted at the featured combine in Indianapolis. They then were taped running through specific “position skills.”

The results from the 10 regional combines get registered with the league, where scouts can access numbers that are uniform and reliable.

The Seahawks had already scouted (Benson) Mayowa and graded his performance while he was at Idaho. But he got noticed at the combine.

“We got that extra look at him,” Ribary said. “He ran well, he jumped well. His numbers were really good, and he took it from there.”

Punters and kickers participate in the regional combine today.


> ESPN writes that Gus Bradley is becoming a draw in Jacksonville.

> Multiple reports that the Eagles will trade or cut DeSean Jackson.

> The 49ers' GM, Trent Baalke, says they have not talked to Philadelphia about Jackson.

> USA Today writes about the Jets gambling on Michael Vick. The signing of Vick led to former Pete Carroll pupil Mark Sanchez being cut.