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Morning Links: League meetings get started in Orlando

Good morning.

Everyone continues to be in Jared Allen Limbo, so we'll move on for now.

The league meetings are taking place this week in Orlando. We'll have plenty of rule changes and rumors out of those.


> PFT with a quick post that has a source saying what most thought: The Seahawks have no interest in DeSean Jackson.

> Michael Bennett makes his sales pitch to Allen on this week's edition of "Bro to Bro."

> Peter King says NFL officiating will undergo a major overhaul. He doesn't think the playoffs will be expanded for another season, and that the PAT will not be moved yet.

> Jim Harbaugh tells there was "zero chance" of him leaving the 49ers.

> One change the NFL is making is installing an official's command center in New York, which will look at calls along with officials on the field. More on that and an overview of the meetings from USA Today.

> Jeff Fisher says the Rams are interested in Mark Sanchez.

> John Clayton with three things he'd like to see from the meetings, including leaving the PAT as is.

> An argument from ESPN Seahawks beat writer Terry Blount to do away with the PAT.