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Sweezy leads Seahawks in performance-based pay for last season

Over at, Jason La Confora detailed and posted the performance-based payouts for each team.

Bringing in $258,414.01, Seahawks guard J.R. Sweezy was 10th in the NFL and tops on the Seahawks in performance-based pay. Sweezy only missed one game and started all others. Only Russell Wilson was on the field more often with the offense last season.

As La Confora points out, low drafts picks or undrafted free agents tend to earn the most.

Doug Baldwin picked up $181,446.80. Richard Sherman made an extra $198,713.56. Wilson scored $169,141.73.

A little extra info: Each team gets $3.46 million in performance-based pay to distribute to players, based on 2013 playing time and salary. The money does not count against the salary cap. The payout is also deferred until 2016.

You can see the full list here.