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Morning Links: Moving on from Allen

Good morning.

Was Jared Allen a need? No. Would he have been a nice surplus? Of course.

Our Dave Boling says Allen would not have been worth the salary cap hit for the Seahawks. From Boling:

Sometimes it takes a season or two to realize, but when it comes to free agency, it’s often the moves you don’t make that are the best.

But oh, how appealing the sacking, tackling, defensive dervish Jared Allen had to have looked during his flirtation with the Seattle Seahawks.

Picture Hawks general manager John Schneider in a room with the imposing Allen, conversing about all the ways he could make the team better.

Everybody knew Allen wanted big money. And he’s still worth a substantial payday. Certainly the Chicago Bears thought so, forking over a reported $15.5 million guaranteed on a four-year deal topping out at an unlikely $32 million.

Seattle’s judicious offer was said to be two years for $12 million.

How tempting must it have been to try to stretch the numbers to make it work? Sure, we can figure a way to juggle the salary cap later. We can’t allow this guy to leave town. Just look at him. And watch this video of him gobbling quarterbacks.

And that’s the moment you get yourself in trouble, when you give in to impulse purchases. That’s the path to ending up strangled with back-end dead money as you pay off free agents suddenly past their use-by dates.

The Seahawks will still have to find a couple defensive line answers. Pete Carroll said at the NFL meetings that Tony McDaniel will replace Red Bryant and Cliff Avril will replace Chris Clemons. They have Benson Mayowa, Jesse Williams (assuming he is healed), Greg Scruggs (assuming he is healed) and Jordan Hill as internal options for the line.

It will also be interesting to see what they do with Bruce Irvin. He seems to make sense more as a situational pass rusher.


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