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Some raw Carroll quotes from Monday presser

Sometimes it can be kind of like an avalanche … we were really ready for the opportunity … we really seized the night..

(When start working toward a repeat?)  The first meeting that we’ll have will be tomorrow, that starts tomorrow, our guys would be surprised if we didn’t, we really have our eye on what’s coming. We'll take this in stride, have a big celebration on Wednesday in town, and enjoy the heck out of it, we won’t miss the fun part of it.

(Built for the long haul?) I think we are in a very fortunate situation, John Schneider has done an extraordinary job of structuring this roster with contractually  looking ahead so we can keep these guys together. One of the things that happens so often is teams have a big fallout after they win the Super Bowl, and we’re not in that situation ... we’ve done this with foresight so we would be prepared ... we’ll get going on the next challenge…

(Defense among greatest?)  I don’t know how to answer that question, I think you look back, years down the road, and you assess what you accomplished with the group ... I think when you’re in the middle of it, it’s not time to talk that way. I don’t know, we put together a couple good seasons, back to back really big-time seasons in scoring and playing good solid defense, that's pretty cool … we’ll see, you’ve got to look back on that, not try to call it now, you won’t get me trying to do that.

(party last night) We had a great party … how good is it when you have your owner on stage playing the guitar with his own band? Paul was hot last night, tearing it up with big licks, he had a lot of noticeable artists with him, too. he’s got a good roster, also. Everybody’s so excited about this accomplishment … Macklemore and Ryan Lewis coming on stage .. they’ve really connected with us and that made it a great party, and I think Paul picked up the bill, too, which is fun. Sleep wasn’t in order last night .. we can sleep some other time.

(About MVP Malcolm Smith being an example of what he wants from his defenders) He should be, we’ve been coaching him since he was 11 years old .. we recruited his brother steve and he was always hanging around and in the system for so long. We appreciated Malcolm’s athleticism and his smarts and his toughness for a long time. His college career kinda got knocked around because he was playing behind one of the most amazing linebacker crews of all time in college football. We knew he was an extraordinary athlete.

He is like a lot of guys in our program, I think it was extraordinary last night to see Jermaine Kearse score a touchdown, Doug Baldwin score a touchdown, and Malcolm get into the end zone … not the heralded guys coming in, who competed in our program and found a way to contribute enormously.

(Spotlight in NY)  I was here 5 years and felt very proud to be coaching in New York, to have the opprotuity to play the game of this magnitude here is about as good as it could get.

(Secondary) We’ve fortunately found guys who are big and fast, more importantly than that, the makeup of this group is about competitiveness. Earl Thomas is as competitive a football player as you’ll ever see. And Richard Sherman showed you the warrior he is and how he competes and where he goes to find the passion he plays this game with, and nobody is tougher or more physical or suited to this game than Kam Chancellor and they put their arm around Byron Maxwell and brought him into the fold. They showed how that kind of chemistry has elevated that group.

I think the cool thing is they’re growing up together and we’re going to try to keep these guys together the best we can.

(Malcolm Smith didn’t have own podium on media day, but turns into Super Bowl MVP) I think it’s a really cool statement about our defensive group and that one of the guys gets elevated, but I think it is a statement about the whole group. It could have been other guys as well. I think it’s a fitting statement for the kind of style they play.

(After time with Jets, some symmetry to win in NY?) I had the greatest opportunity to be a head coach in New York, but that was just a moment in time. It didn’t dampen my spirits, it didn’t slow me down. If anything it just kicked me in the butt. I got kicked a little bit harder in New England. I hate to learn the hard way but sometimes that has to happen.

(Seattle reaction) I’m thrilled about what’s coming up. I’m so humbled we can bring this championship back to them, it’s their championship. For the kids who can start a memory of what this is all about and being connected to your team. There’s no fan base that deserves this more , nobody worked harder supporting their team with more passion and love and spirit.

(Building this program to this point) This is exactly what we envisioned from Day One. That may sound cocky, may sound arrogant, but it’s a mentality that you can’t get in one week. How could a young team handle this if you started two weeks ago, but this team has the foundation and the understanding. Not one of those guys are surprised about that. It’s a long process to bring those guys into that mentality and it comes from a very strict, disciplined approach. That’s how they’ve learned it.