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Morning Links: Rough road ahead in 2014

Good morning.

Let's take a look at the top 10 toughest schedules, by opponents' winning percentage, for next season:

1. Oakland Raiders: .5782. Denver Broncos: .5703. St. Louis Rams: .5644. San Diego Chargers: .563San Francisco 49ers: .5636. Seahawks: .5617. Kansas City Chiefs: .5598. Arizona Cardinals: .5479. New York Jets: .52010. New England Patriots: .516

As you can see, the whole NFC West is represented in the top 10 most difficult schedules.

Last year, the Seahawks had the 11th-most difficult schedule heading into the season, facing teams with a .516 winning percentage (130-122-4). Those teams were actually worse. The Seahawks' opponents in 2013-14 finished 125-130, a .490 winning percentage.

There were oddities in the group. The Texans flew off the rails -- in large part because of Richard Sherman's pick -- and never were back on. Atlanta was also a disaster. But, the division's strength helped make up for that a bit.

The Seahawks shift from the South divisions to play the AFC West and NFC East next season.

At home, the Seahawks play Arizona, Dallas, Denver, Green Bay,  NY Giants, Oakland, San Francisco and St. Louis (.539 combined winning percentage).

On the road, the Seahawks play Arizona, Carolina, Kansas City, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, St. Louis and Washington (.578 combined winning percentage). That's the third-toughest road schedule.


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