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Morning Links: Franchising out

Good morning.

To some links:

> 710 argues Steven Hauchska is likely to get the franchise tag.

> Mark Schlereth compares Johnny Manziel and Russell Wilson:> ESPN argues the Seahawks are unlikely to use the franchise tag on any player.

> says the Seahawks will franchise Michael Bennett.

Here's a breakdown of the franchise tag options:

Non-exclusive franchise tender
Team must agree to pay player for one year at the percentage against the current salary cap of the five highest salaries over the previous five seasons. Players can negotiate with any club, but if the player signs with another club, the tag tendering team will receive two first-round draft choices as compensation.
Exclusive franchise tender
Team must agree to pay player for one year at the average of the five largest current-year salaries at his position through the end of the restricted free-agent signing period. It cannot be lower than the non-exclusive franchise tender. The player is not permitted to negotiate with any other team.
Transition player designation
Team must agree to pay player the cap percentage average of the 10 largest prior-year salaries at his position. The player is permitted to negotiate with any other team and such team is not bound by any compensation in signing a transition player.
And, then ...
The tendering club has a seven-day waiting period on whether to match for transition or franchise tags. If the franchise tag is used on a player a second time by a team, the base tender goes up to 120 percent of the previous salary calculation.

> Golden Tate was wearing Google glasses throughout the Super Bowl week. This is the resulting video.

> Peter King says the NFL has to  "professionalize" the lockerroom.

> Here is a take from Jason Avant of the Eagles on how to improve the lockerroom culture.

> Tony Gonzalez is in at CBS, Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino are out.

> A top 25 ranking of free agents. Michael Bennett is all the way down at 20th.