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Morning Links: Combine is coming

Good morning.

I'm off to Indianapolis today for the combine. Here's the schedule of availability by unit:

>Thursday, Feb. 20: Offensive Linemen, Kickers, Punters, Long Snappers, Tight Ends>Friday, Feb. 21: Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Wide Receivers>Saturday, Feb. 22: Defensive Linemen, Linebackers>Sunday, Feb. 23: Defensive Backs


> Analyst Mike Mayock says teams are in search of a "Seattle-type corner" during the draft.

> A museum artifact now housed in Maine may have inspired the Seahawks' logo.

> USA Today writes that Richie Incognito may be out of NFL options.

> SI's Andy Staples talks about style vs. substance when it comes to the combine.

> Serial rape suspect Darren Sharper once promoted women's safety.

> Peter King with three things to watch at the combine:> Jeff Fisher says it's unlikely the NFL will add an in-game review of penalties.