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Schneider says franchise tag use unlikely, Bennett a priority

Seattle general manager John Schneider said he didn't think that the Seahawks would use the franchise tag on defensive lineman Michael Bennett.

"I don't anticipate that," Schneider said.

Schneider went on to say he didn't think the Seahawks would use the franchise tag at all.

Schneider was in a jovial mood Thursday at the combine. He started his comments by saying, "So, this is who we are going to pick ..." then smiled.

Some quick hits from Schneider:

> Asked about surgeries, Schneider says, "Surgery-wise, I think we're doing OK … as far as I can tell you."

> He said Russell Okung, whose toe bothered him all season, is doing well.

> Asked about Pete Carroll's contract, which has a year remaining, Schneider used Carroll's standard line that Carroll is, "doing great." When asked specifically if Carroll's contract has been changed, he said he wasn't going to get into that.

> Schneider said he was happy to hear from several members of the Green Bay Packers' organization after winning the Super Bowl.

> On Michael Bennett: "He's a top priority sure," Schneider said. "He had a great season. Proved to be versatile. Is a great guy, a fun guy to be around. Hopefully we can get something worked out."

> Asked about reworking the contracts of Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman this offseason, this is what Schneider said:

"Every day we have different models set up. We're going to try to do whatever we can possible to try to keep this core together. We have days ahead that are going to be hard because they are going to be tough decisions. If you want to be a championship-caliber football team, you have to make those tough decisions. You can't keep everybody. It's actually a sad thing. If you played sports (to the end of a season), you're thinking to yourself, 'This is the last time we're going to all be together.' Whether you won the Super Bowl or not, when your season ends, you've always got that feeling. Tough decisions ahead, absolutely."

> Schneider is not a big fan of running the draft as a position-specific process:

"I would say some of the biggest mistakes that we've had or I've been around is when you start doing that," Schneider said. "You have to have this position ... The first year we got here, we needed a left tackle. We were hoping either Russell (Okung) or Trent (Williams) would be there. That was a huge need for us. Walter (Jones) just retired.

"We're not going to have this player, so we have to draft this position? I think that's where you get in trouble. Any of the draft rooms I've ever been in, the biggest mistakes you make are when you do that."

> With a large amount of underclassmen in the draft, Schneider said that brings extra work because it causes him to go back and take an extended look at people they weren't watching very much in the fall. They started their scouting meetings the Wednesday before the Super Bowl.

> On Marshawn Lynch's DUI charge appearing to be resolved, Schneider didn't want to comment, but said he hopes it means Lynch will not be suspended.