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Morning Links: Seahawks play mythbusters at combine

Good morning.

After all the fervor about Johnny Manziel's missing quarter of an inch yesterday, I took a look at how the Seahawks' roster debunks many of the player myths put out at the combine. Not the least of which is the issue of quarterback height.

“To think there’s only certain packages and there’s only certain standards, you’re going to make mistakes that way,” Pete Carroll said. “You’ve got to take every one of these guys as individuals and try to figure them out and see what they have.”

There were big quarterbacks from small schools, like Cornell's Jeff Matthews who is 6-foot-4 and West Texas A&M's Dustin Vaughan who is 6-5, here Friday. Athletic freaks like wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin of Florida State, who measured 6-5 and 240 pounds, then said he has four percent body fat. But, Benjamin is no lock to be the next Calvin Johnson. Those two QBs are not locks for the league. Nor is any QB the size of Russell Wilson. It's just not that easy.

“That’s the great science of this draft business, trying to figure out the makeup of the athlete and what kind of a competitor you get when you draft him,” Carroll said. “There’s a long process and tremendous amount of exchange of information to try to figure the guys out. This stuff is not the hard part. It’s taking the measurements then connecting that and figuring out what that’s going to turn out.”


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