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Morning Links: The young and the old

Good morning.

The Seahawks put out their season in review yesterday. Tons of tidbits in there. Here are a couple from them and me:

> Pete Carroll was the third-oldest coach to win the Super Bowl and the 53-man roster was the youngest winner in Super Bowl history.

[HTML1]How did those teams fare the next few seasons?

Green Bay was 15-1, then 11-5 and 8-7 (when quarterback Aaron Rodgers was hurt).

Indianapolis went 13-3, 12-4, then 14-2.

St. Louis was 10-6, 14-2, 7-9 (when Marc Bulger replaced Kurt Warner).

New York went 12-4, 8-8 and 10-6.

Twice teams from that group returned to the Super Bowl within the next three seasons: The Colts lost in 2009 and the Rams lost in 2001.

None of those teams had a quarterback as young as Russell Wilson, who was the third-youngest quarterback to win the Super Bowl. Even younger than Broadway Joe Namath at the guarantee game.

We'll look at more stuff from the year in review during the week.


> John Clayton on Red Bryant and other possible cap casualties.

> ESPN's top defensive play may not be what you think.

> ESPN has also moved on to the top offensive plays.

> Tim Kawakami says Jim Harbaugh has been the center of the storm before, and this is no different.

> Jerry Jones says DeMarcus Ware may not be a Cowboy next season because of the cap.

> Peter King wonders if Jadeveon Clowny is the next LT or on his way to Bustville.

> SI takes a look at the corners in the draft.

> The combine rolls on today with safeties and defensive backs.

> Russell Wilson was on the Dan Patrick Show this morning. It's the third one down here.

Here's one excerpt where he talks about Clowney:> Just so you are aware, Wilson was also on two morning shows today with strong political leanings. I'm not going to promote either in this space. As Doug Baldwin said, you can Google it.