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Harvin has the touch: A look at his 10 plays

Here are basic but eye-popping numbers: Percy Harvin had 10 touches last season and gained 245 yards.

Let's take a look:

Harvin touches Harvin touches2

1. First game back against Minnesota Harvin makes his first catch on an over route. We'd see this again later in the season.

Harvin touches3 Harvin touches4 Harvin touches5

2. He received another touch against the Vikings and just missed breaking it for a touchdown. After the play, he took a long look at the Vikings' sideline. They decided not to kick to him again.

Harvin touches6 Harvin touches7

3. Back for the playoffs against the Saints, Harvin starts with his only negative gain of the season, a 1-yard loss on this little screen.

Harvin touches8 Harvin touches9

4. He goes over the middle against a soft zone to gain nine yards.

Harvin touches10 Harvin touches11

5. Here's that over route again. Same formation, similar result. Both times the DB just missed Russell Wilson's lofted throw and Harvin made a juggling catch.

Harvin touches12 Harvin touches13

6. End around for nine yards against the Saints. The Seahawks ran many of Harvin's plays toward Doug Baldwin, who became the lead blocker.

Harvin touches14 Harvin touches15

7. The first fly sweep of the Super Bowl. Harvin nearly busts this, too.

Harvin touches16 Harvin touches17

8. Harvin with another little bubble screen out of the slot. TE Zach Miller and RT Breno Giacomini are on the move to block it.

Harvin touches19 Harvin touches20

9. Fly sweep, Part II. Notice the hard sell from Marshawn Lynch and Harvin again running toward Baldwin.

Harvin touches1810. Game over. If the Broncos thought they had a shot to come back, Harvin rapidly dismissed that when he took the opening kickoff of the second half for a touchdown.