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Carroll on 710 says nothing new with Harvin yet

As expected, Pete Carroll said on 710 ESPN nothing new yet on Percy Harvin. They won't know much on him until Wednesday or Thursday, though Carroll did mention the extra day will help.

A few highlights:

> Carroll said Marshawn Lynch was "cranked up" for the Saints game.

> Asked if the plan changed much for the second half after Harvin went down, Carroll said, "Not at all."

> Asked if he felt like New Orleans was targeting Harvin, Carroll said, "No. I don't feel that that was an issue at all."

> Carroll says, "I think it's the matchup everyone wanted to see. There's no better matchup in the NFC right now."

> Carroll said, "Carolina went nuts early. They just lost their minds at one point. One team had been there before."

> Carroll said, "We didn't throw the ball as well as we'd like to. There's reasons why. We did balance out our attack."

> Asked what stands out to him from the last game against the 49ers, Carroll says, "We should have won!"

> Asked how much the defense's success influences the offensive playcalling, Carroll said, "We're trying to play really, rally good ball. And, that means we take care of the football and don't give it up. You don't give up field position."