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Morning Links: Holmgren finally understands what the area is feeling

Good morning.

Mike Holmgren had an extended meeting yesterday with a small group of local media. Our Dave Boling was there.

Holmgren, who was born in San Francisco and was an assistant coach with the 49ers from 1986-91, insists he's not torn about his allegiance for Sunday.

“I’m pulling for the Seahawks,” Holmgren said. “I’m happy the 49ers are in because those are the two best teams. I think it’s the best game; there’s a lot of good stories, it should be a really good week.”

But, don't ask for comparisons of his 2005 Seahawks with this year's group.

“I’m emotionally attached to those guys,” he said. “I love those players and coaches, and they accomplished a great deal that year.”

From Boling:

Holmgren said he didn’t sense the level of excitement for his 2005 team that he sees for this year’s Seahawks.

“Maybe that’s because I never got out of the building during the week,” he said. “You’re aware of the fans and aware of the excitement in the city, but now, you’re really aware. I go places and everybody’s wearing jerseys, everybody’s thinking about it. When you’re coaching, you’re not aware, you’re in your cave.”

Wait, is he a dinosaur or a cave man?

> I wrote about Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll who are essentially saying the only stat that matters is wins.

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