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In S.F., as in N.O, CenturyLink noise is top topic

Just as last week in New Orleans, the most-asked questions by Bay Area media today involved the noise at CenturyLink Field and how the 49ers plan to deal with it.

And – again, just like last week with the Saints -- the Niners’ acknowledged that the CLink is an amazingly loud place, while also generally indicating confidence that they’d be able to deal with it.

Here’s what a few 49ers had to say:

Center Jonathan Goodwin on making his line calls: “You just have to be loud: get it to them somehow some way.”

Goodwin on any value in having played at CenturyLink before: “Everybody knows what to expect. Everybody knows it’s unbelievably loud.”

Guard Mike Iupati on the noise: You just have to have a strong mindset. It’s going to be loud, and you just got to focus in.

Kicker Phil Dawson on if he can even hear his foot hit the ball in Seattle: “You can’t hear anything. It’s so loud.”

And this leftover from Monday, from coach Jim Harbaugh: "You’ve got to be able to communicate without being able to hear very well. You can simulate that somewhat in practice. Signals, hand signals, verbal signals, body language, reading lips, different ways. But, we’ll practice that. We’ve been in some of those environments, as you know.”