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Wilson (again) says he's not worried about the passing game

[HTML1]Russell Wilson took more questions Wednesday about the state of the Seahawks passing game.

"I think the biggest thing is just be a little more accurate on a couple of throws I usually make," Wilson said. "It's nothing that I need to search deep down for or need to go study a whole bunch for. Just put he ball on the money."

Wilson said he talks to quarterbacks coach Carl Smith, Darrell Bevell and even former Florida State quarterback  and Heisman Trophy winner Chris Weinke, who used to be Wilson's quarterback coach, about what's happening with the passing game. Wilson said he talks to Warren Moon, too, whom is always around.

An interesting question came for Wilson at the end of his press conference: If you were too intense, would you be able to tell?

"I'm one of these guys that's always in the moment," Wilson said. "I'm always trying to be focused on what I can do to be successful and help other people be successful. At the same time, I keep my poise, though. I'm always relaxed inside. My mind's not overthinking, but at the same time, it's thinking about the right things. Am I intense? Am I overintense? I think it's just the right amount."

Wilson said that like 95 percent of the Seahawks' opponents, the 49ers typically have a spy on him.

One other note from Wilson: "If the read-option and all that stuff is here to stay ... I know for us, we don't really run it all that much, to be honest with you. We make it look like we're going to run it all the time, but we really don't."