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Pete Carroll: "There are times I take my headset off just to hear (Seattle crowd noise)"

[HTML1]Seahawks coach Pete Carroll spoke some on his background, trying to re-enter the NFL and how he didn't believe that would happen. Some other highlights of what he addressed include the status of Percy Harvin and K.J. Wright, whether Seattle's cornerbacks will play more physical with the perception NFL referees let more go in the playoffs, and controlling the emotions of a young team in a big situation.

Here's most of what Seahawks coach Pete Carroll had to say Monday:

Great time for us, terrific matchup, as i said before, great matchup, I love that we are staying within the division. So we might as well finish it all. We are looking forward to this moment.

ON PERCY HARVIN: He’ll see the doctors this afternoon. No practice.

ON K.J. WRIGHT: KJ wright is practicing. he went through walkthrough and he’ll be practicing today. What that means is we’ll keep him day to day and see how he progresses throughout the week. Looks promising and we think he’s got a chance.

ON 49ERS LINEBACKER AHMAD BROOKS: He’s not underrated around here he’s had a great season and has been making plays all year long. Highlight them is their defense just jumps out at you. Their defense causes problems in numerous ways.

They have pretty much used him perfectly for a long time.

EVER HAD BACK LIKE MARSHAWN LYNCH: We've had running backs with similar effect, who we knew were on the team, we knew were special. Tremendous attitude for us, we really had hoped that’s what he would do. With the run and the pass, we really thought he could be a focal point for us. He’s been consistent, great energy, continue to be a big factor, I love that he is still in great shape, he’s had a fantastic season and he’s still in great shape. He’s taking great care of himself. He’s everything we could ever hope for.

ON CONTROLLING EMOTIONS: I think it’s really important, important across the board. THis is a very intense matchup anyway. Regardless of who you are playing and where it comes from. It’s championships time. So i think everybody is going to be at the edge. We need to do a great job of playing poised and doing what we need to do. It’s something you don’t deal with every week, so we have to deal with it this week.

RUSSELL WILSON IN DECLINE?: I’ve said numerous times that we’ve played some terrific teams and they have done a nice job on us on taking away some of the opportunities we had before. ALl in all, when we take care of the football, we run the ball like we have been, that gives us a great chance to win so I”m happy with what’s going on. we are always look for more opportunities for more yardage, we don’t want to accept any incompletions unless he’s throwing the ball away. But I know there is a lot of talk about that, I’m not worried about it.

JON RYAN UNDERRATED: I Never know because I never know how he’s rated around the league. He’s set records here and whatnots, we can bomb it when we totally adds confidence to the way we play. He’s great at pinning them down the field. He’s had a great season.

CHANGES IN PHILOSOPHY, CHANGES IN MESSAGE, OVER YEARS?: They haven’t changed very much, it’s just clearer. We don't’ change anything. That’s the whole point of the way we prepare conversation. We try to play the best we can every time out. So here we are again. We should be the best we’ve been. The philosophy, that’s what is at hand, that’ s what our conversations are all about, it’s really important that we execute to our philosophies now.

MICHAEL BOWIE: Immediately you could see he’s athletic, very light on his feet for 335 pounds. We had no idea he would come this far this fast and we are thrilled about it. Really great insight by John (Schnieder) to pick him out and bringing him to our attention and we’ve done a great job of coaching him. He’s a really smart kid, and he’s played three spots for us which is amazing. We could tell that, but we didn’t know the whole package was going to be there until long after.

MORE AGGRESSIVE DEFENSIVE BACKS IN PLAYOFFS: I keep hearing that’s going to happen. That has no factor on us at all. FIrst of all, we have a style, and we’ve been playing this way, the same style for as long as I can remember. Back to NC State. It was a long time ago that we started teaching guys in this manner and it hasn’t changed, or adapted to the referring and time of the year or any of that. Stats don’t always show that officials numbers are different. We are so far into it now that we play the way we play. Our guys are on the line of scrimmage, that’s where we play we are closer to guys than most teams, that doesn't mean anything else is allowed or expected or any of that. We are going to play football. We don't’ want anything for free and we don’t want to give our opponents anything. So how that factor into this time of the year, we’ll have to wait and see.

SECRET TO FINDING PLAYERS IN LATER ROUND: I think Chris RIchard and Rocky Seto have done a great job of coaching these guys. These guys are deep into the philosophy and the approach and the mentality of playing the position the way we want them to. They are on the line of scrimmage and they are by themselves and everybody knows that’s how they are going to play. I think the consistency with the way we have coached has really helped. Part of it is the mentality and that approach. That those guys are teaching right now. I don’t think it’s anything that has just come to light, i think it’s been consistent for a long time. RIchard has been an incredible football player. He’s been incredibly consistent in the years he’s been playing there. He has great style with the way he plays. Brandon did as well and Byron Maxwell has come in and done a great job. We don’t might if Walter plays or Jeremy Lane, they will all play and they basically play the same. So we are fortunate we have had great success with that group and hopefully we will get to where we need to be this weekend.

SPLIT WITH 49ERS: We’ve scored more points at home, otherwise, we don't’ score enough points. Otherwise the games are just slugfests and just fantastic football games. And it comes basically down to the last possession. That’s just the way it’s been, it might be the way it is again, I don’t know.

COLIN KAEPERNICK CHANGES: THey’ve certainly opened up the running game some, when he first got in there, he did a lot of the stuff he did in college, the pistol stuff., they had it, but they just sued him more as a factor in the overall running game. You might have noticed they’ve changed a little bit, early in the season they went back to the kind of style, running game emphasis. It’s really benefited them, they’ve won all these games in a row, they’ve had a great finish to the season. But you can see they’ve changed their emphasis. (9:22). So he has become a tremendous factor. He throw the ball accurately, he’s decisive with the ball, they vary the style of throws from the deep ball down the field, they’ve had success there, to the quick rhythm stuff. But really, the factor that truly separates him, like Russell here, they have the ability to get out and run and make yards running. He's very adept at taking off and that’s the most difficult factor to deal with is running quarterbacks, who know when to and when not to. ANd they’ve had the benefit of that, it’s helped them to a lot of wins and we’ll see if we have it too. ANd that’s something that’s very special about them and COlin is great at it. They’ve just played to their strengths and as he’s grown with them they’ve adjusted a little bit and minimized the times the quarterback runs.

RUSSELL NOT RUNNING?: Defense have changed a little bit. THey have. THey have not wanted to deal with the quarterback as much, I think they’ve seen that and it’s pretty clear. That is no surprise, the league adapts, as far as our players, there was a little bit of a run in the offseason, then everybody turned from it, so that definitely happened.

EVER THOUGHT YOU’D RETURN TO NFL: I didn’t think that, I thought it wasn’t going to happen. I was comfortable with that thought. I some guys call me at times, but it was never presented in the right makeup for me to make it a possibility until this one. I knew exactly what I was looking for if I was ever going to make that move, and I didn’t think i was every going to find it. I had heard from four or five different teams, and I tried them out and I didn’t get there to what I thought was going to be necessary to make that move. They came out and presented the pact they were thinking and it was really clear this could be an opportunity and it turned out it’s better than I could have imagined.

ATTENTION TO EMOTION: We always talk to them, every week, its always the same, alerts and heads up if there is something you need to combat, then we’ll need to make a point of it, just so they can anticipate the questions the media will ask, the focus that the media has, just so they are prepared as well. THis week is no different.

NATIONAL TITLE SIMILARITY: Not that much different very similar. the mindset and mentality to win games for a long period of time and all that, it’s the same feeling. And really it takes a process to become comfortable with that. THe 49ers have had the great luxury of being here before so they know what to expect and anticipate. I hope that our guys remember the discipline we hold and handling situations in general.

PRE AND POST HARBAUGH CHANGES TO HIS TEAMS: I think it just comes general complexion in his philosophy, what he tries to do. He’s committed to that clearly, he’s got a good football. They run the football, play good defense, and special teams. That’s the way teams have won football games for a long time and not everybody is in tune to that, but he’s really got it nailed. He’s really demonstrated that.

HOW DO YOU HAVE FUN, BUT WORK HARD: Try really hard. If it wasn’t normal for us to be like this, it might be a challenge. But we have a way with dealing with stuff. Practice is really important to us, and the preparation and their involvement is held to such a high standard on a daily basis that they don’t know any other way, this is the way we do it. So when you have standard and the player meet up to those day in, in every meeting, every practice, every walkthrough you know you can trust that. We enjoy the heck out of it, have fun doing it, look for the high energy part of it, we’ll compete like crazy at practice today and it has nothing to do with who we are playing or what is coming up, it’s just the way we do it. And it’s’ that kind of focus that takes control of the mentality so we stay on point and focused. FOr me, it’s a challenge every day. I’ve got to get them looking right, feeling right and preparing right so that we put one game behind us and go to the next. As long as that focus in portrayed by me, and the rest of the coaches, they will follow, they’ll do whatever you ask them to do. And that’s what’s worked.

MESSAGE TO 12TH MAN: LEt’s do it again. OUr following has been extraordinary. We are so blessed to have people with so much love and care for this team. OUr area just gets riled up, there is something about it. Every interview that you read from the player who’s visited here continues to echo that and the impact that it has. It’s so constant because they are so constant. ALl that I ask is for us to go have fun, this is the last game here of the year, we want to go out in a big way here at CenturyLink and I’m sure the fans feel the exact same way, they’ll rise to the occasion, if that’s what you want me to say.

12TH MAN DISRUPTION ON TEAMS: Go ask the opposing teams, they’ll tell you. THere are times i take my headset off just to hear it and feel it. it’s rousing. More than just the noise, it’s energy they bring and you feel. I’m sure our players feel it and they other team probably feels it to some extent as well. So we are happy and lucky to be a part of it.

Because of that we communicating is an issue. But we are used to it. YOu have to be able to communicate with other than just your voice:

NFC CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY AT PODIUM: I”ve sure noticed that it’s here, we used to sell hot dogs or something else back here. It’s fun to have it. We all sense, it, the media is a big part of the change you have to adapt to and you have to go through it. To be a part of the class of the NFL< we are very lucky.

HAS DANCING EVER NOT BEEN ALLOWED?: It’s just different forms. It’s been such a big part of what is going on, it hasn’t always been a part of it. We’ve probably had to adjust it over time.

COLEMAN ON DURACELL COMMERCIAL: (If you haven't see it I thought it was awesome. I thought it was a great tribute. Derrick is an extraordinary kid, but it’s much more meaningful to other kids, that are in the same situation. Matter of fact, I’ve seen Derrick talk to kids who have the same kinds of issues he is dealing with, and he’s an extraordinarily model and he’s got a great message. I saw him impact a kid who was here one day at practice. I’m sure it will impact his life. The fact that it’s out there is cool.