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Football talk pauses as Harbaugh talks khakis

Sarah Harbaugh, wife of 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, went on a Bay Area radio show this week, complaining that she hates her husband’s cheap khaki pants – especially those with the pleated fronts -- and that she has thrown many away, including some costing as little as $8.

Naturally, the topic came up during her husband’s press conference Wednesday.

“Yeah, I heard about that,” he said. “They were making quite a bit of sport of me. But, problem solved there. Well, the Levi's and the Nike and the Dickies makes a flat khaki so: Happy wife, happy life.”

However, Harbaugh said all that while wearing not only khaki pants, but khaki pants with a blue stain where a pen had apparently leaked ink into a pocket.

“These Dickies cost $23,” he said “But, they were on sale that day.”