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No practice again for Harvin

Percy Harvin will meet with doctors again today and will not practice. That leaves one full practice for him to have a shot to participate in before Sunday's NFC title game.

"There's a deadline from the doctors, it's whenever they call it," Carroll said.

K.J. Wright, meanwhile, sounds like he's on a good path to play. "Today will be a big day for him."

Quick hits:

> If Harvin doesn't play, Doug Baldwin will again return kicks.

> Pete Carroll on his relationship with Jim Harbaugh:

"We have not been friends over the years because we don't know each other very well.  Just know each other through the games. Used to coach against him back when he was playing, and coached against each other. It's a very confined relationship that way. For whatever reason, you guys have had a field day with making that into something other than it is. I have great respect for what Jim does. He's a tremendous football coach. I don't know him very well personally."

> Carroll said he found a comfort level with Derrick Coleman's hearing problem before the first day with him was over. Now, "You don't even know it's happening. I don't know how he does it." Carroll said there are no communication problems with Coleman and that he brings a "really powerful" message to the hearing-impaired kids he talks with. It's one of the benefits of a run like this. Even backup players have their platforms pushed out there.

> Carroll was asked about how Yoga and such things fold into what he's doing, a query prompted by the ESPN the Magazine cover story from earlier this year. He dismissed the general notion, insinuating the article was a bit off-base. "I'm not leading meditation," Carroll said.

> Carroll again pointed out that they emphasized run-defense fundamentals in a meeting at about the midway point of the season.

> Carroll was asked about not being the typical -- or at least perceived as typical -- style of football coach.

"How other people do it, I can't do anything about that," Carroll said. "We're trying find guys that have unique ways about them and demonstrate that in the way we perform. We'll got to no end to figure that out."

Carroll said when he was a 24-year-old assistant being yelled at often, that he thought he was coaching wrong. Then he figured out it was the right way, or at least his way, and stuck with it.

> Carroll said the 49ers are "so consistent across the board" when asked to specify what makes them such a tough opponent.

> Asked why James Carpeneter was demoted, Carroll said it was just "a competitive situation." He said it had more to do with what Michael Bowie did as opposed to what Carpenter has not.