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Golden Tate: "Every now and then we make a boneheaded mistake"


The boneheaded plays will be costly.

That was one of the highlights of what Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate spoke about today. He referred to it as "keeping on schedule" and said as long as they veer from penalties that could hurt drives and big plays, the Seahawks have a great chance to win this weekend when they host the San Francisco 49ers.

He also spoke on Percy Harvin and seemed very confident this receiving core is just fine without him and has made the big plays all season to prove that.

Here's most of what he had to say:

Right now this is just another game for us. I’m just trying to have the best week we possibly can and to put myself in the best position I can to help this team. I’m sure things might change on SUnday when I really realize the magnitude of this game. but right now I'm just trying to focus on the game plan and who the 49ers are and we are going to try to do those.

Has it been harder to focus this week with all the peripheral stuff going on?

It’s been different, i wouldn't say harder, I haven't had a problem focusing in practice. I haven’t been up here on stage speaking to so many people. But it’s fine.

This team always talks about the chip on the shoulder. What is different about this team that separates it from the rest of the NFL?

We are committed to what coach Carroll is teaching us day in and day out. We know that the sky's the limit for us. As long as we are continuing to work hard and get better we always feel we can get better every day. We are driven. We want to be the best. And we have guys like Russell Wilson, Kam Chancellor, Earl THomas, myself, Doug Baldwin, showing up every single day, leading by example. This is my fourth year here and I’ve seen this team grow from where it was to where it is now. It’s fun. It’s fun to be  apart of.

The 49ers have made changes to secondary. Are they doing anything different?

They seem to be the same team. I don’t expect them to change too much. They are going to play 49er football we are going to play Seahawk football. I feel like whoever plays the most disciplined, wins the turnover ratio is probably going to win the game. THey are a very good team, very disciplined team but as long as we stay on schedule. I believe we are going to give ourselves a really good shot to win. What I mean by staying on schedule is we can’t start off drives first-and-15 because of silly penalties. So we can’t have a big gain, then have it called back because of holding or whatever it may be. As long as we stay on schedule, I’m very excited for this opportunity.

Has this always been a big rivalry or has it grown since you’ve been here?

It’s been a pretty big rivalry since I’ve been here. These are two of the best teams in the division and now two of the best teams in the league. So naturally that’s going to be a very intense game. We are thankful we have another opportunity to win this series i guess. This is the one that really matters the most, the one that can take you to the Super Bowl. So I’m excited. It’s going to be fun. But like I said, that's a great team, great staff, really good players. So it should be fun.

Penalties were big key in last game against 49ers. How has that been addressed?

We are continuously trying to get better. We are trying to solve that problem, but we are playing aggressive, good football. Every now and then we make a boneheaded mistake but we just have to mentally stay focused. Don’t let anything get in front of that. It’s a new week, we are excited about being home, here we go. We plan to play disciplined football, but things happen.

How much do you hear from fans on what a big game this is?

I try to stay away from it and stay focused. What happens outside of this locker room doesn’t matter. It’s not going to help us win. So I’m trying to stay close to the guys I got to practice with everyday and the coaches who are coaching me up. THankfully I have some family in town I get to spend time with. We are trying to give ourselves the best chance to win.

Is it easy to insulate yourself from that?

It’s tough now a days with social media, twitter, instagram, ESPN, it’s tough, but I’ve been doing a good job of catching up on my shows, “The Good Wife” and stuff like that.

Have you talked about controlling emotions in this game?

That’s something we talk about every single week, control our emotions, play championship football. It’s going to be tough with two great teams out there and it’s for so much. It’s the third time we’ve played the 49ers, but at the end of the day, we just stay on schedule. The coaches aren’t telling us to be robots by any means, but we have to control our emotions, dictate our actions that could get us in trouble with penalties or whatever it may be. We are going to try to keep everything in check, just play fundamental, smart Seahawks football and I think we are going to be just fine.

Do you think Seahawks wide receivers are underrated?

I do. I’m around these guys every single day, I see the plays they make every single day, I honestly think if you put any of us, any of our receivers in the room could go anywhere else, catch 90 balls, go over 1,000 yards, but that’s not the way this offense works. THe good thing about it is we are unselfish players. We want to win. We just do our job, we take a lot of pride in blocking, and when the big plays are called I feel like more times than not we are going to come up with a big ball. Example, Doug Baldwin last week, that was a huge ball we needed and he got it. We are very confident. We hear it all the time, that we're not worth squat, but at the end of the day, we make the plays we need to make to help us win and we are 14-3 right now, and playing in the NFC Championship. You can’t do that without us or tight ends and running backs.

On Doug Baldwin.

He’s got incredible athleticism and he’s smart. He should be coming from Stanford. He finds a way, he’s a competitor and I think that’s one thing where coach has done a great job of building this team. We have a bunch of competitors that make this organization go.

How do you compare the 49ers defense to some of the other defenses you’ve seen this year?

Really, I think our defenses are really similar and this is going to the be the third time we’ve played them. They are really similar to us because they bring a lot of pressure, their front seven is really strong.

What impact did Percy have in the little he played and what kind of loss will it be if he can’t play?

He makes an impact just by being on the roster. We all know he is a dangerous player. He’s strong, he’s fast, he’s quick, that’s something they have to scout for. Without him, we would miss him obviously but i think we are just fine. The past few seasons we haven’t had him and we’ve handled our business. We’ve won our games, made the big plays we are supposed to make. Obviously we want him on the field, we feel like he gives us a better chance to win, but the show must go on. Our receiver group is prepared to up our load and do more for this offense.