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Kam Chancellor: Let 49ers do the talking and Seattle the playing


Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor has heard the yapping from the 49ers wide receivers, specifically Anquan Boldin, in past games.

He said if the Seahawks let the 49ers do the talking, keep the emotions in check and let them distract themselves with all of the chatter, Seattle has a good chance to win this weekend.

That was one of the highlights of Chancellor's press conference today. Here's most of the rest of what he had to say:

What kind of challenge are the 49ers receivers for you?

I think the challenge is more Kaepernick and how he can throw and run. That’s a challenge for any defense -- a quarterback who can throw and run. Keeps you off balance and you have to be aware of when he’s throwing the ball or when he’s scrambling and running downfield. At the same time they have a group of good receivers and tight ends. I think Kaepernick does a good job of keeping the ball alive and those guys get up field and try to get open, push off and then get open. Overall I think they are a good group.

How do you describe this rivalry?

I think everybody's perception of it is different. I like the team, I like the team because they are a challenge. I’m always welcoming a challenge. If you are facing the best then it makes you a better player. anytime you can get a team that comes in and plays hard and competes, I'm all about it.

What makes Frank Gore hard to tackle?

I think the hardest part is that he’s a small guy, gets real low, and he is downhill, he runs downhill and behind his big tackles and guards. He does a good job of that, finding the holes, picking and choosing the right ones to attack, and then heads straight up field. He does a good job of finding the holes.

What were the teaching points on Frank Gore's 51-yard run?

It was about being gap-sound. As a defense, if you aren’t gap sound, a running back like Frank Gore will find a hole. So we have to be gap-sound on defense and learn from our mistakes

Do hear any of the talking out there?

I hear it. It’s never directed toward me. But I hear it. I always look at it and try to break it up. If you focus on the yapping and trying to get this person with words, it can be a distraction. So I think if you just focus on playing football and playing with your teammates, let that guy to the talking. Let him be a distraction to his teammates and to himself. I think if we focus on that, we’ll be successful.

What was the mood and vibe after this past week’s game?

We were happy, we came up with a win, we are playing in the NFC CHampionship so we are definitely happy. But on defense, people in the outside can’t see some of the little mistakes we made, but they are on film, So right now we are going over some of the mistakes we made in the game that we need to capitalize on. So we are going back right now and trying to see how we can fix those.

What safeties do you watch?

I watch Sean Taylor. That’s a guy I always watch. Before every game I watch his highlights. Just the way he approached the game and the physicality he would bring to the game. He’s a big safety, he can run, cover, unfotutanty we don’t have him now, rest in peace, but he’s a guy I alway try to simulate my game after and Earl THomas. That’s the guy beside me who goes hard all the time. Learning things from his game, and I try to put it to my game to make me a better player.

Have rule changes taken away from your game, being a hard-hitter and all?

I don’t think it’s taken away from my game at all. I think it’s kind of made me a better player as far as finding that target zone, and that you have to put your body on that guy and make that tackler. I want to be known as being a tackler instead of a big-hitter. I think the big hits just come with being a tackler.

Does Vernon Davis every talk to you about the hit you put on him last year?

Naw …