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Morning Links: Tarkenton talks Wilson

Good morning. Three days until we know if the Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl.

We'll start today with my story on the person Russell Wilson is often compared to: Fran Tarkenton.

Tarkenton and Wilson met last season when the Seahawks were in Atlanta for the playoff game. Tarkenton runs a financial business out of Atlanta after his college success at the University of Georgia.

Each have ties back to Richmond, Va. Wilson grew up there, Tarkenton was born there.

Each were third-round picks, predominantly because of concern about their height. Tarkenton is six feet tall. Wilson is listed at 5-10.

If you take a look at some of the stuff Tarkenton pulled off, notably spinning away from pressure, it will remind of similar action from Wilson.

Tarkenton's style was far from tradition when he entered the league in 1961. He's happy to see two mobile quarterbacks in the mix for the NFC title. But, is insistent each -- like he eventually was -- is acknowledged as a passer.

"Russell Wilson can pass," Tarkenton told the TNT. "He’s a passer. An NFL passer. So is Colin Kaepernick. Now, these two guys can also run for a first down. Run for a touchdown. Scramble to buy time and that should be an advantage for a quarterback.

"I say these are quarterback savants. What makes a Russell Wilson leave the pocket dash right or left, or a complete spinout? It’s the instinct they have … all that’s got to come together, and I’ve never known a great quarterback who didn’t have a football brain. They have an instinctiveness and awareness of what’s around them and what’s going on and make sense of all the chaos."

During the interview, Tarkenton also lambasted the NFL combine and what scouts are looking at for drafts.

"If Peyton Manning wasn’t Peyton Manning and he went out to the combine today, they wouldn’t draft him because he’d be the slowest guy there and he’d have the worst arm there," Tarkenton said. "And look what he’s done. He’s broken every record.

"Big arm, big this, big that. That’s why they miss on so many. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about your it factor. That’s what Russell Wilson has.

"It’s knowing where and when to throw it. Most people cannot process all that information. That’s why you have very few people who can play that position at a great level.

"And they give them the Wonderlic test. They could give the Wonderlic test to the brainiest guy on campus. Doesn’t make him a quarterback.

"You see this across the board. You wonder what in the hell do these scouts do? What do these football people think about?"

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