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Wilson: 'At the end of the day, I’m not a stats person'

Here's what Russell Wilson had to say today:

(On what does it mean not having Percy Harvin out there…) “Honestly we miss Percy Harvin a lot. We missed him all year and he’s a tremendous football player, he knows how to play the game, he’s so physical, so fast, and he brings an excitement to the game, but we played without him all year for the most part. Obviously we’re disappointed that he’s not playing, we wish he was, but his health comes first. We have a lot of great players, obviously Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, and Golden Tate will be making a lot of plays, and the same with everyone else.”

(On his stats being down the last four or five games…) “At the end of the day I’m not a stats person. Obviously I want to lead the league in stats and all of that kind of stuff because that usually shows that your team is winning games, but at the same time we’re built to run the football, we’re built to play-action the ball and give different looks and then throw the football over the field and do a lot of different things. So I’m not really worried about that. We’re 14-3 and in the NFC Championship against the 49ers. It doesn’t get any better. So at the end of the day I just want to find a way to win every single time I step out on the field.”

(On how would he characterize this week of practice…) “It doesn’t get any better. It’s a championship game, it’s a championship opportunity, and it’s the same thing that we’ve been talking about all year. Our goal is to go 1-0 and to lay great football. We’ve had a great season so far, and to go out there and to have a great week of practice all week like we’ve had so far, and to hit the field come Sunday night, we need to play our best football. We’re excited about that, we’re up for the challenge, we know the 49ers are a great football team that plays fast and make a lot of plays. So whatever team makes the game altering plays, those gap plays, is going to be the team to win the football game.”

(On if he visualizes the game before he plays it…) “Yeah I’m a huge person that visualizes all of the time in different situations and anticipating those situations throughout the week, and throughout the offseason and all of that, and the night before the game. I really believe that helps my game, and also calms me. I’ve already been there 100 times throughout the week so just knowing those situations throughout every single play, throughout different circumstances and situations; end of half, end of games, third down situations. I anticipate those situations before they happen and that allows me to make quick decisions and all of that, and I think it also give me that sense of poise. Grace under pressure and just being calm. I really don’t try to worry too much. I trust my teammates, I trust the calls, I trust myself more than anything, and so I just go out there and play the game of football.”

(On when did he start visualizing the game before it took place…) “I started doing that at a young age. Obviously I love sports, playing football, basketball, and baseball. I wasn’t too good in basketball, but just growing up watching Allen Iverson and watching guys like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, they used to always talk about visualizing. So that is something that I’ve always kind of worked on ever since I was younger. It’s also kind of a baseball technique type of thing, and I think it definitely translates in playing the quarterback position and just trusting myself and trusting the situations. At the end of the day you have to trust what you see. When you’re playing the quarterback position things happen so fast, especially when you’re playing a good defense like the 49ers. You drop back, you hit your fifth step, and you make a decision. It’s either yes or no, and you make that decision and you just trust it. I think that’s what allows me to play fast and my teammates too. The offensive line does a great job, and the tight ends, receivers and running backs. They’re what help me. I just trust them to be at the right spot at the right time.”

(On if there is a certain situation that he visualizes more…) “I try to visualize every situation to be honest with you. I try to visualize two minute situations, third down and shorts, third and one and twos, three to sixes and seven to tens. I try to visualize all of those situations. The biggest area I think that visualizing those situations are is definitely the red zone because things happen so much faster. You have the back of the endzone there as another defender and so you really have to be smart with the football and make quick decisions, and also salvage the play. You already have three points in that situation essentially, especially with Steven Hauschka and how good he’s been all season. You just trust those situations and trust what you see.”

(On where would he rank turnovers, penalties and third-down conversions in order of importance and priority…) “It’s like every game. Every game is no different even though it’s a championship game and all of that, we talk about playing 1-0 every week, and the game doesn’t change. It comes down to not turning the football, being in the plus-ratio in that situation, having a limited amount of penalties, you’re going to get some penalties, especially in a game like this, but not having too many of them. I think that’s something that we have really worked on in the past several weeks, and has really shown up to be a positive for us. The biggest thing is just staying on schedule. The penalties are definitely important in staying on schedule, but getting those first downs, converting on those third downs and keeping the chains moving.”

(On with the speed that the 49ers have, do they speed up his decision making…) “Definitely. Their defensive line is tremendous. You think about the guys that they have upfront, their linebackers, and how much pressure they put on the quarterback. They’re very athletic, you know that they can make a lot of plays and so you just play the game. Our guys have done a great job all season in giving me enough time to make decisions and we need to continue to do that. The biggest thing is not making the game too big. It’s still the same depth in the routes, it’s still the same timing with my footwork, it’s still the same read, one two three and four and maybe a fifth one. It’s one of those things that you just trust it and you go throughout your reads. If it’s there, it’s there, if it’s not move on.”

(On if it is really just another game…) “Well at the end of the day it obviously is what it is, it’s an NFC Championship game and you get to go to the Super Bowl if you win it. It’s the most important 60 minutes of our lives right now in terms of playing football because it’s what we have in front of us. That’s what we’ve been doing all year, focusing on the opportunity that we have right now. Yesterday is already gone, today is all we got right now, and tomorrow is not even here yet. I think our biggest thing is focusing on the moment that we have and the game that we have. To win this championship would obviously mean a lot to this organization, and obviously I want to win, I hate losing. We need to put our best foot forward and play a great football game across the board.”

(On shooting the commercial with Colin Kaepernick…) “Obviously I have a lot of respect for Colin Kaepernick, he’s a great football player that can do a lot of special things out there. He’s a guy that’s just so calm and makes a lot of great decisions it seems like. I have a lot of respect for him. You asked about the commercial that we shot together, and obviously playing in the NFC West you play against each other, and you have good experiences against each other and you battle it out. At the end of the day we focus on our football teams and how we can win. I know that my focus is completely on how the Seattle Seahawks can win games.”

(On if he believes that there is a certain amount of points that the offense needs to get or does the defense give a certain luxury…) “In terms of points and how many points we need to score, all I know, and this is my thought process for every game, we just need to score one more point than they do. If you can score more than that, that’s always great, but at the end of the day we just want to win the football game. The game could be a low scoring game or a high scoring game, whatever it is we’re going to be ready for it.”

(On if he has any superstitions…) “I’m not really a superstitious guy. I believe in habits. I believe in certain techniques that you do to prepare yourself, and I think that’s important. I do listen to my music; I listen to my gospel music and my R&B music before the game just to relax me, so maybe that’s one. I really wouldn’t call that a superstition, it’s just something that I do to keep me calm and get ready for the game.”

(On if he has seen his animated persona…) “I haven’t seen the animated persona yet. I hear it’s pretty good, I haven’t seen it yet though.”

(On how would he describe Pete Carroll and what is the biggest misconception about him…) “I think the best way to describe Coach Carroll is that he’s so consistent. He’s consistent, and he’s smooth too. He has poise to him and he’s calm all of the time and you love that about him. I think that his consistent approach to the game really relaxes everybody else, whether it’s a coach or whether it’s a player, whether it’s the organization or whether it’s the fans, whatever it is, and that’s why he’s one so many football games. You respect that about him, I know that I respect that completely about him. His positive synergy that he brings to our football team no matter what the circumstances are, whether we’re up by 20 or down by 20, we believe. We believe in him and what he does and our coaching staff and the people that he has around us. That’s what you love about Coach Carroll.”

(On is there anything that he wants to say to the 12th Man to keep them calm…) “I’m probably the wrong person to tell them that. In terms of the game come Sunday night, we need our fans, obviously that’s going to be important. Our fans are the best fans in the NFL so they’re going to need to make sure that they rest up so they can cheer as load as they can. It’s going to be a great game, it’s going to be a battle from play one to the end, and we want to make it the best 60 minutes that we’ve ever played here, we’re looking forward to that. We’re taking it one play at a time, staying in the moment, and stay in the now, and we’ll see what happens in the end.”

(On the flags on the road…) “Yeah they had some flags out here coming down 12 Seahawks Way. That’s pretty spectacular and it just shows how amazing our fans are, how much energy the city has for our football team, that’s what we’re looking forward to, and we want to bring something special to this city and to do it we have to play one play at a time and see what happens at the end of the game.”

(On how does he sleep at night before games…) “He asked me how I sleep and I have this little watch on that measures my sleep and all of that kind of stuff that they have me doing. I sleep pretty good the night before the game, I’m always relaxed. I probably don’t get much sleep throughout the week, but come Saturday night I’m pretty relaxed and I get a good at least nine to ten hours of sleep.”

(On how many hours of sleep does he average on a normal week day…) “Probably six to seven, maybe on a normal week day. Thank you guys, Go Hawks!”