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Morning Links: Baldwin isn't angry, he's passionate

Good morning. We're a day away from knowing if the Seahawks go to the Super Bowl.

Today, we start with Doug Baldwin. He had his issues with Jim Harbaugh at Stanford. He's taken issue with certain articles written about the Seahawks receivers this year. He often speaks out.

One instance of this was when Bryan Walters was cut the Saturday before the game in Atlanta. Walters was flown to Atlanta, then chopped the afternoon before the game and flown back to Seattle. That's the NFL reality for players who are bouncing between the practice squad and the 53-man roster.

Baldwin tweeted his displeasure with the move. In talking to him after the game, he explained it wasn't the Seahawks he was upset with, but the system the NFL works under that allows something like that to happen. I asked him if he ever worried that speaking out about things like that may influence whether a team signs him in the future. He said he didn't worry, because he wouldn't want to be part of any team that wouldn't sign him for those reasons anyway.

Baldwin says his battles with Harbaugh are in the past. They text on occasion now and Baldwin took at least part of the blame for their tough relationship at Stanford by saying he was "an immature athlete" at the time.

Doubt -- from within or outside -- can be a ferocious motivator. Baldwin has used it to go from no scholarship offers, to one, to undrafted, to an important piece on the team with the best record in the NFC which is 60 minutes from the Super Bowl.

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