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Carroll says Harvin 'should be fine' this week

In his usual appearance on 710 ESPN this morning, Pete Carroll said Percy Harvin "should be fine" this week.

> Carroll talked about the second-half surge where he thought the Seahawks were knocking the 49ers around. "It was really an extraordinary thing."

> Carroll on Alvin Bailey at tight end and James Carpenter back at guard: "That was part of the gameplan. We had taken a look at Michael (Bowie) a couple weeks ago and gave him a chance because he had done so many good things. When we looked at it when we started the week, we felt like it might be more than he needed to handle. This game was so big and particularly the young guys had never been in this situation, so, we made a really clear decision, let's go ahead with the guys who have been playing the most. We'll come back to Mike. There will be a time."

As for using Bailey, Carroll said they were trying to neutralize San Francisco's outside linebackers. "Their outside 'backers are monsters."

> Carroll said the last two games, they could have won "decisively," so there was still a lot of work to do.

> In regard to going for it on 4th-and-seven, Carroll said they were initially going to kick a field goal, but then decided it was out of Steven Hauschka's range. So, they ran down the clock, took a timeout and took a shot. He said they had already eliminated a punt as an option.

> Carroll on 49ers' final drive: "They got pretty close." He also said San Francicsco wasn't moving very fast and that helped the Seahawks.

> Carroll on Sherman: "Whenever they throw the ball deep at Richard, I really feel like he is going to get it."[HTML1]