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News, notes and quotes: Baldwin slowed, Harvin expected back

[HTML3]Percy Harvin still needs clearance from the doctors, but Carroll thinks Harvin will practice Wednesday.

To the quick hits:

> Carroll said K.J. Wright's foot is sore, but that he will be fine. Carroll thought Wright played well Sunday.

> Doug Baldwin is "banged up," according to Carroll. Carroll said Baldwin has a hip pointer and will be slowed in practice this week.

> Marshawn Lynch will also get a break this week. Carroll said Lynch took a lot of hits Sunday.

> Carroll also said Brandon Mebane hurt his ankle.

> The Seahawks' team hotel when they played the Giants is the team hotel for the NFC representative at the Super Bowl. Carroll said that was not coincidence.

> On Richard Sherman: "I look at it like, we're doing this together and my role, what I am the most, is I'm a dad. I look at it like what would I tell my son. There's some stuff in there, really I think you should think about. It didn't come out the way you wanted it to be. And talk our way through that. he did. He didn't feel right about that, so he came out and made a statement, we support him in that. There's was a lot of great things that happened last night (yet) we're talking about some other stuff.

"Call a linebacker or defensive linemen or a guy right after he makes a touchdown run ... I understand it."

Sherman texted an apology to ESPN's Ed Werder:

[HTML1]> Carroll said he saw Jeremy Lane get hit on the 49ers' sideline during the game and "made a big deal" about it then. Carroll said he was disappointed the official who is specifically assigned to watch gunners on punt coverage missed it. He's waiting to hear from the league.

> Carroll reiterated what he said this morning about using James Carpenter and Paul McQuistan at left guard in place of rookie Michael Bowie, who started last week versus New Orleans. Carroll wanted to go with the experience.

> He also reiterated using Alvin Bailey as the tight end was to get better blocking on the 49ers' outside linebackers.

> On Peyton Manning: "This is thrilling to be going against the best."

> Asked again about guys with "chips on their shoulders," the cliche that won't go away, Carroll said it's more about "grit" to him. "That's what we're looking for in guys. Grit is the key factor."

> Carroll said prepping for bowl games all those times will help them in the preparation for the Super Bowl.

> Asked if he's had a chance to personally reflect on going to the Super Bowl, Carroll said not really, but that, "When it's the Super Bowl, you've got to take note."

> Carroll said he wasn't sure about the starters at linebacker with Wright returning. He'll work it out this week, but is excited to have Wright back.

> On bringing guys onto the roster who have "personalities": "I don't want to miss out on somebody because they are not like me," Carroll said.