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Snap counts vs. San Francisco

Back rotating at left guard, James Carpenter and Paul McQuistan had an even split of the work, each playing 50 percent of the snaps. Alvin Bailey was in on 26 percent of the snaps, meaning the Seahawks went with a jumbo package of sorts for more than a quarter of the game.

Bruce Irvin's playing time has fluctuated in the second half of the season and was way down against San Francisco.

Week 9 vs. Tampa Bay: 74 percentWeek 10 vs. Atlanta: 59 percentWeek 11 vs. Minnesota: 50 percentWeek 13 vs. New Orleans: 43 percentWeek 14 vs. San Francisco: 65 percent (K.J. Wright gets hurt)Week 15 vs. NYG: 65 percentWeek 16 vs. Arizona: 71 percentWeek 17 vs. St. Louis: 66 percentDivision playoff vs. Saints: 57 percentNFC title game: 42 percent

We'll also include San Francisco this week to take a look at how it does things.

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