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Bevell on if receivers are underrated: 'I think you should just ask them that; I think they’re willing to tell you'

Here's what Darrell Bevell had to say today:

(On Percy Harvin…)

(On how strange is it to have a guy back who barely played during the season and gets to play in the Super Bowl in Percy Harvin…) “It’s pretty cool for him. He’s worked really hard; he’s just had some unfortunate things happen to him this year. Everyone on the team, all of the coaches, it’s obvious when he’s on the field the impact he can have on game. We want to give him every opportunity and I’m sure he wants it as well.”

(On if he thinks that the wide receiving group is underrated with the exception of Percy Harvin…) “I think you should just ask them that. I think they’re willing to tell you. Probably the best thing that I can say about all of our wide receivers is that they’re football players. I think that really sums it up because we ask them to do a lot of stuff, whether they’re returning kicks, whether they’re gunners on special teams, whether they’re catching balls for us, whether they’re blocking. Doug would tell you that he’s playing tackle as you saw on one of our backed up plays, he’s down there blocking Aldon Smith. So we really ask a lot of those guys and they really don’t flinch, they don’t blink, they just do whatever is asked of them. When they need to come up with a big play, they come up with a big play, if they have to block they’ll do that, it’s just really a great bunch of guys to work with.”

(On what’s the normal load for quarterbacks commanding things, and then what’s the Peyton Manning load…) “I mean he does a fabulous job. I’ve never been around him, I never been in the same room or offense in what they’re asking him to do, how much of it’s real, how much of the gyrations that he’s doing is to throw you off, but I know he puts a lot on his plate and he wants to be able to get the perfect play. It’s a lot, it’s a lot to be able to manage all of that in all of the situations, all of the environments that you go to, and there is kind of a fine line of how much you’re able to put on certain guys. It’s not necessarily him; it’s the other guys around him. How much you can allow them to be put on them to make the adjustments and the things on the fly that he’s going to ask them to do.”

(On if there is a game that’s too big for Russell Wilson…) “I think we need to keep that in mind. We’re working with a second year player, and a second year quarterback. You have to keep that in mind. He’s fabulous, he’s fabulous in everything that we’ve asked him to do, he does a great job of managing all of the situations, and he’s come up big in just about every one of those for us. We don’t want to push the limit and push it over and ask him to do too much and have that show up in his play or anything. We haven’t done that, I don’t know if you could do that to him because he is so well prepared and he puts so much pressure on himself to do the right things all of the time, but he’s showed up big in all of the situations for us.”

(On if there were some nerves seen from Russell Wilson in the fourth quarter of the NFC Championship game…) “Yeah there was definitely something. When you look at him or you talk to him, I don’t know if it was nerves, but obviously we didn’t function well in those situations. We fumbled on the fourth and one, and then we fumbled another snap, then we came out the wrong way. There were a number of things late in about the last ten, 15 plays where we didn’t function as well as we needed to. That’s kind of just like what I’m saying, and I’m not putting it all on him because there were other things going on, but we’re still talking about a second year player and that’s the first time that he’s been in that situation, but he never flinched. He came to the sideline, I was able to talk to him and he knew what was going on, he got a handle on the situation and sometimes things happen.”

(On the touchdown pass to Jermaine Kearse…) “It’s a big practice thing I mean we work on it all of the time. There could be so many formations that you’re in, so many different things can happen, it happens in practice where certain guys run the route that they’re supposed to run, some people run the adjustment. So for everyone to be on the same page and take off at the same time and run it pretty much exactly how we practice it, it makes you have a little bit of pride for that. They work hard for when those situations happen and it was exactly for that, it worked out perfect.”

(On if something snapped for Jermaine Kearse last year that’s allowed him to perform at a high level this year…) “No you know what? I really think that he gained more confidence and just believed in himself kind of. As you come in as a young guy, you’re kind of wondering if, ‘do I really belong here? I was an undrafted guy and I kind of watched all these other guys’ and you might get a little big eyed and I think at one point, just somewhere in there, he did figure out that if he believed in himself because we believed in him, we were going to give him those opportunities. That he’d be able to handle it and I think somewhere in training in camp, he kind of said, ‘yeah. I think I’ll be able to do this’ just to himself and we had conversations as well, but he’s done a great job just kind of believing, ‘hey. I’m the man. I got this.’”

(On if the big play is the result of Russell Wilson’s preparation…) “I think it just depends on that situation. I think there are a lot of things that really goes into it. Going even back to two weeks ago, where we were playing the Saints and he had the big third down conversion. That throw he made to Doug. I mean there’s a lot of it. There’s times where it’s his athletic ability, there’s times where it’s his preparation and ‘okay. This is the look; here is what I need to do,’ understand ‘hey I just need to sit here on this one and make that throw.’ But I think it’s just the blood running through his veins that just tells him in the situation, the moment is not too big, he knows what he’s got to come up with and he’s going to come up with it in whatever situation happens. Whether he’s got to use his mind, whether he’s got make a throw, whether he’s got to make his feet, then he doesn’t get caught up in the situation and kind of lose the moment.”

(On how much of Wilson’s personality can help him in a game of this magnitude…) “Yeah I think it’s going to be critical to really manage your emotions. I haven’t been in this game before, talked to a lot of people that have and just all the things go on, whether how long you’re going to be out there in pre-game, you don’t want to be running up and down the field getting warmed up and there’s still 30 minutes before the game starts. Half time is going to be extra-long and you’ve got to be able to manage that in there and not screaming and throwing stuff around the locker room and getting excited and then you still got 20 more minutes before you go out. So all those things are going to come into play and he’ll be able to manage those because of his mentality.”