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Morning Links: Sherman, Schneider and Wilson

Good morning.

Let's get right to it:

> I wrote about what Richard Sherman had to say Wednesday. Per usual, it was a multi-faceted press conference with the multi-faceted Sherman.

> Our Dave Boling wrote about reclusive general manager John Schneider. Schneider was the at Senior Bowl yesterday watching the South team's practice. We expect to talk to him Friday, so, stay tuned for that.

> We also had a notebook from yesterday leading with Russell Wilson talking about attending Peyton Manning's passing academy when Wilson was in high school.

> A family in North Tacoma has swamped their yard with Seahawks signage.

Other stuff:

> Jim Moore writes Sherman's rant overshadowed the win and the Seahawks' play.

> Art Thiel's take on Sherman.

> Here's the full Sound FX clip from Sherman's night against the 49ers.

> Terry Bradshaw has some interesting Super Bowl advice for Russell Wilson:

> Derrick Coleman continues to positively influence others with hearing disabilities. As we talked about before, this is one of the great benefits a Super Bowl platform provides.

> SI wonders if defense still wins championships.

> John Clayton writes the Seahawks are riding an old-school formula.

> The Browns are down to two candidates for their head coach position and are expected to meet with each Thursday, ESPN reports.

> The NFL confirmed Wes Welker's hit on Aqib Talib was legal. Pick plays and crossing routes from Denver will be one of the prime concerns for the Seattle defense.

> A look from USA Today at how the Seahawks and Broncos have been crafty with the salary cap.

> USA Today also writes that the Broncos must be aware of Earl Thomas.

> Also from USA Today, it could be Super Bowl Saturday if the weather causes a problem in New York. The game could be any time from Friday Jan. 31 to Monday, Feb. 3.

> The Denver Post writes about the Broncos' edge in Super Bowl experience.

> A New Jersey snowstorm gave MetLife Stadium a dress rehearsal.