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Rain, cold, snow, wind could affect Super Bowl kicking

We're still far enough from Super Bowl Sunday where the weather forecasts are allowing that almost anything could happen ... except sunny and warm.

With cold almost certain and snow remaining possible, Seahawks kicks Steve Hauschka said extreme cold affects the heaviness of the football more than footing.

"(There's no affect on footing) unless it’s snowing," he said. "Rain, the footing is usually not a problem."

The Seahawks' regular-season visit to MetLife Stadium also helped him learn a bit about the Super Bowl site.

"They’ve got some swirly winds there," he said. "There’s no open end to the stadium, so the wind kind of swirls around. It does have a prevailing direction depending on which way the wind is coming in, so you can kind of predict what the wind is going to be like depending on the prevailing wind. But it still swirls in there, so you’ve just got to hit a good ball. It might take it a little bit left or right, but you can still make them."

If worse comes to worst, the NFL even stands ready to move the Super Bowl from its traditional Sunday slot.

Seahawks safety Earl Thomas says if it comes to that, he'll be ready.

"I don’t care," he said. "I’m just happy to be in the Super Bowl. I don’t care when we play. All the … stuff I need to prepare myself to play will be there."