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Thomas says Seahawks haven't forgotten Browner

Seahawks safety Earl Thomas was asked today if he's staying in touch with Brandon Browner, the cornerback who won't be part of Super Bowl week due to his suspension without pay for violating the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse.

"I check on him all the time," Thomas said. "That’s still my brother. He has shed blood just like everybody else on this team. You never forget the guys that you sweated with and had some many good times and a guy that you love like a brother. You always check on him. Of course he wants to be a part of this. He knows this team is special because he was on it. We don’t throw that in his face. We just kind of put that … on our shoulders. We’re playing for him now, and we always talk about how much we miss him and how much we wish he was here."