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Chancellor on Manning: 'I think he is a true competitor, a great competitor'

Here's what Kam Chancellor had to say:

(On what are things to consider when studying film of Peyton Manning…)

(On if there was something specific that Denver did when they played in the preseason…) “I think we just have to be keyed in and on the detail. It’s a hurry up offense so they pretty much know what they’re going to do the next play so you just have to be keyed in on the details, everybody has to run to the ball and play hard.”

(On if he feels like it is on the defense to win the game...) “With the numbers, they have done a good job putting up the numbers and stuff, but all we can do is focus on us. Focus on playing the best game we can play on defense, offense, and special teams as a whole unit.”

(On what about Peyton Manning and his comeback from the neck surgery are most impressive…) “I think he is a true competitor, a great competitor, a guy who is going to go out there every week and give you his all. I think he’s very smart, in the game he knows what he sees on defense, and he does a good job of moving guys on defense and throwing what he wants to throw.”

(On how do you counter Denver’s crossing routes and bunch formations…) “I’m sure they’re going to do a couple of things that we’ve seen on film and I’m sure that they’re going to change up some things, but we just have to stay true to what we do on defense. Playing our zones, playing our man and just be discipline and sound.”

(On what does he do if a guy is coming at him to do a pick play…) “If he’s coming at me to do a pick play I’m going to try and get around him. I’m a get around him and get to my guy. If I blatantly see him I’m not just going to run into the guy and let my guy be wide open, I’m going to go around him and get to my guy, be athletic.”

(On how does he account for the crossing/pick routes and does it change the communication…) “Communication is key for the hurry up offense. We have to communicate across the whole board, no one can be off. As far as the defensive line, everybody has to be stout in their gaps; linebackers have to get the call across the board, and defensive backs especially we have to get the calls. If we’re in one high, two high, whatever we’re in, communication is key.’

(On why is it so difficult to get pressure on Peyton Manning…) “I think he does do a good job at getting rid of the ball fast. They run a lot of timing routes so it is kind of hard to get the pressure on him, but our defensive line does a great job and they’re dogs up front, savages, and I think they will get to him.”

(On how does he still manage to play as physical as he is in this new NFL…) “Pretty much I just show my passion for the game. That’s pretty much it. When I go out there, all of these hard hits and laying dudes out, that’s just my passion for the game. That’s just showing how much I love this game, and just continuing to show how you’re supposed to play this game.”(On if he’s been able to adjust his target area and where he hits guys…) “I don’t think it’s a matter of adjusting. It’s just learning how to tackle, the proper technique to tackle. Once you learn the proper technique to tackle you can get your feet under you and you can explode through anybody.”

(On if they practice the tip drill…) “It’s not a drill we do, but it comes up a lot in practice and it’s pretty much routine for Richard Sherman. I think it probably happens once a week. A guy throws a fade ball up to him on the sideline and he tips it to one of us. We always say when you run to the ball good things happen. So when Malcolm Smith ran to the ball he got to the interception and we got the victory.”

(On how do you drown out what Peyton Manning does at the line of scrimmage…) “It’s no worth in trying to figure out what he’s saying. Just play your defense, play your coverage, know what you have to do on your side of the ball and just be sound at it.”

(On if he has any idea on what ‘Omaha’ means…) “I have no clue.”

(On if he thinks they’re at an advantage because they just line up and play defense and they don’t disguise anything…) “I wouldn’t say it’s an advantage. I think it would play hand in hand on both ends. Both of us pretty much know what we’re going to run on defense and offense so it’s just about manning up and playing ball.”

(On what impresses him about Julius Thomas…) “He’s just an athletic tight end, another athletic tight end with good hands. That’s pretty much what impresses me about him just being an athletic tight end, a big athletic tight end with hands.”(On how is Julius Thomas similar to Vernon Davis and Jimmy Graham…) “I think he’s pretty similar to Jimmy Graham and Vernon Davis. Very similar.”

(On what is he expecting when he gets to New York as far as the atmosphere and buzz…) “I really don’t know what to expect for real being that it’s the first time in the Super Bowl. I know it’s going to be a ton of media and a ton of people out there. My family is going to be out there, but I’m just blessed for this opportunity to make it to the Super Bowl and get a chance to compete against one of the best. I’m just looking forward to it and can’t wait.”

(On if the game day experience matters or does he see it as another football game…) ‘It’s just another football game. At the end of the day it’s football, it’s running and hitting.”

(On what problems does Percy Harvin create for a defense…) “A whole lot. Last year when we prepared for Percy there were just so many things that we had to look for in a guy like him. It’s a guy that can be in the backfield, a guy that can be split out at receiver, it’s just so many ways you can use him. So there are a lot of different things that you have to look for and things you have to put in packages for a guy like that.”

(On if he felt that the team grew up over the past year…) “I think this team has grown up a lot, the team is definitely evolving and learning from mistakes. We have made mistakes back in the past, but we move forward and learn from it.”

(On if he feels like the team has gotten  bad reputation because some of the suspensions and mistakes that were made in the past…) “Nah I don’t think so. Whether we get a bad reputation or not, it’s all about what the guys in here think of each other, it’s about what our fans think of us, and it’s about what the coaches and everybody in this building think about it.”