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No other word for it, Harvin has been 'frustrated'

Percy Harvin talked with the media today for the first time since being knocked out of the divisional-round playoff game against the New Orleans Saints because of a concussion. Here's what he had to say:

(On if he feels as good as he looks…) “Absolutely. I feel good. It was good to get back out there with my guys. I don’t think anybody is not feeling good going up to the most prized possession in our profession, the Super Bowl. Everybody is feeling good, we had a good first couple of days of practice and we’re looking forward to competing.”

(On him rooting extra hard in the NFC Championship game knowing that he would get one more chance to play this season if they won…) “Absolutely, but not only that it’s a win for my team. I’m always cheering my team on when I’m not on the field. So those guys pulled it out, I was rooting for them all of the way, and we get a chance to play in the Super Bowl.”

(On him being able to play in the Super Bowl after a roller coaster ride of a season he’s had in Seattle…) “Like you said it’s been a roller coaster, but it’s all been a blessing. I wouldn’t take anything back that has happened this year. It’s made me a stronger person. Like I said it’s definitely been frustrating for a lot of people, not only myself, but for my teammates Doug Baldwin and some of the guys that play my position coming in and out, not knowing when I’m going to be at practice. So it was definitely frustrating, but like I said it’s all over with now and we get a chance to play for the Super Bowl, so that’s all in the past.”

(On what his relationship with his fellow receivers has meant to him throughout the season…) “I can’t even put it in words. It’s guys like Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor being from my area, he came and talked to me a bunch of times, and it was things like that hearing that from my teammates, the coaches, people upstairs, just hearing it from everybody just giving me love kept me pushing. I’m very grateful for my teammates and like I said words can’t express how much those guys have been there for me.”

(On if his previous trouble with migraines in his career affected his recovery from his concussion…) “There were no complications; we just had to go through the protocol. We had to go through all of the steps, we went through them and they got me back on the field.”

(On what’s different about this organization than any other or the one that he’s familiar with…) “It’s unique on so many levels. The way they take care of the players, everybody is always on the same level with the way they treat people, with my situation at hand and my teammates being there for me, the whole building from the cooks on down, everybody was coming talking to me. Just this whole atmosphere. It’s kind of hard to put it in words, but it is different.”

(On Pete Carroll compared to other head coaches that he’s had…) “Each coach has their own way; I would say Coach Carroll is definitely a player’s coach. He’s very similar to when he recruited me at USC. He has the exact same personality as he had then.”

(On him being a big part of the game plan when he’s out there on the field…) “We’ll wait for the game to see, but like I said it felt good to be back out there.”

(On how his hip is feeling…) “It’s feeling pretty good. I got it tuned up yesterday, I did all of my MAT work and things like that so I’m feeling fine.”

(On what does he mean by getting it tuned up…) “Just getting my regular stretching in, MAT work, just all kinds of different treatments.”

(On if he feels like the Saints were targeting him at all…) “No. Like I said it was just us playing football, it was unfortunate, some of the hits that were caused in the game, but I didn’t think they were targeting me. I just thought they were playing football.”

(On what was it like watching the game Sunday and what was his reaction when the game ended…) “It was frustrating. That’s the word I’ll use. This whole year watching every single game was frustrating , but like I said having great teammates and great coaches felt good to be on the sidelines and watch those guys perform. Guys Like Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse, to watch those guys perform  it was good.”

(On what was it like for him to see Malcolm Smith seal the game with the interception…) “I couldn’t even describe how I felt at that time. I don’t think anybody could put in words to know that we actually made it to the Super Bowl. It was kind of surreal for me.”

(On if he felt like he was 100 percent when he played in the Saints game…) “I really don’t know if I was the exact same as I was in Minnesota. I felt pretty good, good enough to play in a football game so I’ll leave it at that.”

(On if he feels pressure on getting back to the amount of money the team is paying him…) “Not at all. I’m a football player and I’m confident in my game. It was unfortunate situations that happened with life, some things that I couldn’t control, but I didn’t look at money or anything to that degree. I just wanted to get on the field and help my team win.”